Gino was born in Croatia and raised in the Netherlands together with his 3 brothers, which he considers his best friends. He started working in sales at a young age and through his sales job he grew into a seasoned manager by fulfilling different management roles in the Netherlands for over 6 years. Through his positions in several companies he has a combined experience in the recruiting industry for over 7 years. After his career in the Netherlands, he decided to go abroad. Through Dublin Ireland he found his way to Malaga, and he is planning to stay and live his life on the Costa del Sol together with his Spanish girlfriend. Doing art and creative things gives him energy. The same counts for exploring new places or countries as he loves to travel. He loves to do individual sports and team sports and has several years of experience in soccer, kickboxing, and MMA, but hasn’t joined an official team in Malaga yet.This will happen in the near future as his current focus is on enjoying all that Malaga has to offer.