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How to build a career in the iGaming industry

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How to build a career in the iGaming industry

The iGaming companies in Malta are always looking for staff.
If you have a dream of pursuing a career within the iGaming industry, but you don’t really have any experience in the industry yet, the easiest and best way is to go through the customer support department.

iGaming companies in Malta are always looking to hire new talents for their customer support department.
When it comes to working in customer support for an iGaming company, it will be of highest interest that you speak English and at least one more language on a native level, as the companies normally are operating in several different countries and offer support in all those languages.

When working in the customer support department for an iGaming company.
You will work closely with many other departments while helping customers and getting an understanding of the industry. This gives the opportunity to understand more about how the different departments operate and you might figure out which part of the industry is the most interesting to you. When you know what you would like to do and what interests you within iGaming, you will have many knowledgeable colleagues around you who will be happy to help you with guidance on how to move to the next step of your career.

The iGaming companies are keen on hiring internally and promoting internally.
You don’t necessarily need any previous education in order to succeed in your iGaming career. The companies offer internal training, and they are happy to give the right job to the right person, especially to someone who already is employed within the organisation. Customer support is therefore a good way to get a foot into the industry and can work as a good steppingstone for your career within iGaming. You can find all of our open iGaming jobs here