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Relocation to Malta

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Relocation to Malta

As many already know, IT Jobs Worldwide has been the latest brand of Nordic Jobs Worldwide. Our office in Malta was the 4th office of the company besides our headquarters in Oslo I Norway and offices in Tallinn I Estonia and Marbella I Spain, now followed by our 5th office in Lisbon I Portugal - many more to come!  

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The office of It Jobs Worldwide and our iGaming team is in one of the most prestigious office spaces in Malta – SOHO - The Strand.

With our employees living in Malta and enjoying the island, we would love to raise awareness and help our candidates to make up their minds about a decision to move to beautiful and sunny Malta. We are here to help you on your journey!  


Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is an island country in the European Union with the capital of Valletta. With two official languages – Maltese and English, the island is truly multicultural and is known as one of the most popular destinations for expats. Many find it attractive as a destination for learning or improving their English.  

Even though Malta is known as the 10th smallest country in the area with a population of 444,033 (2022 statistics), and yet - don’t let it trick you, Malta has a great variety of attractions giving you a great work-life balance and a very relaxed lifestyle.  

You can find out more about Malta here: 

Some more interesting facts:

  • The local currency in Malta is Euro – since 2008 with a previous currency – the Maltese Lira 

  • Main island Malta stretches roughly 27 km across, and the total shoreline of Malta 

  • Malta has 310 sunny days to offer with hot summers and mild winters  


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You might not know yet, but Malta is one of the few countries in the world where people drive on the left-hand side of the road, inherited from the British rule of Malta.

If you are new to the island and did not have a chance to purchase a car but you are eager to explore the island, you can upload this go-to shared mobility app: gotoglobal.com

Also, Malta has its smaller sister-islands Comino and Gozo that can be reached by ferry. There are different ferries available to different destinations on the island. Get to know about different types of transport in Malta right here.

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Generally, in comparison with different European countries, Malta is considered a country with a relatively low cost of living. Renting an apartment would be considered the highest expense you will have on the island, but it is easy to find a decent apartment in the different parts of the island. Rent depends on the location you choose; many candidates prefer to have apartments near to their offices and this is something that we highly suggest taking into the consideration. 

For example, the most popular areas that expats choosing for living are St. Julians, Sliema, and Gzira; Gzira is known for a variety of options regarding locations and prices. 

According to numbeo.com, on the average, you can expect to pay: 

• 650-800 EUR for a one-bedroom apartment (depending on the area) 

• 800-1100 EUR for a two-bedroom apartment (depending on the area) 

• 1100-1600 EUR for a three-bedroom apartment (depending on the area)

We suggest:

We would highly recommend looking into a Facebook Marketplace and joining different groups to explore opportunities both from the agencies and direct owners, this Facebook group, for example, is a great source for apartments offered directly from the owners. 

In Malta, agency costs are split between a tenant and the owner of the apartment, be ready to pay this amount when signing the contract (50% of the monthly rent + 18% tax). 

You can always ask your recruiter for more information, but we are suggesting looking into these websites to get a better understanding of living costs in Malta: 


To give you an idea of taxes in Malta: Income is taxable at graduated progressive rates, ranging from 0% to 35%.  

To have a greater understanding of what your NET annual salary will be and how much taxes you will pay, you can follow this online salary calculator: http://maltasalary.com/

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