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ICE Conference

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ICE Conference

​Happy friday,

Let us take you back to the amazing experience shared by our colleagues...

The Malta-based iGaming team was given the amazing opportunity to visit London in April to attend “ICE London” between the 12th and 14th of April. ICE London is described as “the Global Gaming Hub for all B2B industry experts”. The purpose of ICE London is for several Gaming-related businesses to meet, network and potentially build new business relationships by doing so. Within these businesses, you will find payment providers, online casinos, testing agencies, affiliate companies and (of course) recruiters, amongst many other businesses.

When entering ICE London, it is next to impossible to not understand that this is an iGaming related event. You will enter a bright world filled with music, slot machines, lucky wheels, roulette tables, darts, blinking lights, and many other games of luck and fun things to take part in. This is indeed a great way for these companies to market their businesses as their booths containing a lucky wheel or a roulette table are a great conversation starter, which is also very industry-appropriate for the iGaming lovers who are looking to network.

While walking around the conference, which feels more like a big playground for adults than a conference, the iGaming team was given the possibility to network with many different businesses within the iGaming industry while having a great time trying out their products (some of them even won some prizes). And of course, our amazing Client Relationship Manager Charlotte Kamlinput herself on the top-list scoreboard after effortlessly throwing some darts while networking. 🎲

Team iGaming is now actually successfully recruiting over 60 iGaming clients around the world, and has their office at SoHo The Strand in Malta. They recruit to and cover all departments of the industry, from entry-level such as customer support, and all the way up to C - level / Head of - positions.

Are you curious about what this industry can offer you, or are you perhaps looking for your next step?

Feel free to reach out to the Team and they will help you!