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Meet Me Monday - Meet Maria, our Finnish Speaking Russian Recruiter

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Meet Me Monday - Meet Maria, our Finnish Speaking Russian Recruiter

​Hello readers!

​Today you get to continue to get to know the superstars at Nordic Jobs Worldwide. Next in line is Maria our Russian yet Finnish-speaking Recruiter. Continue reading to learn more about her.

Tell me about yourself briefly

Alrighty! As some of you may know, I am 26 years old, and I am originally from Russia. The tiny town I’m from is cold unforgiving place North of the Arctic called Polyarnie Zori. 

I moved to Finland at the ripe young age of 15, and studied there. I realized that I liked it so much that I decided to stay, it felt like home. I lived in 4 different cities there, and the last one was Helsinki. I enjoyed my life in my little 15 square meters apartment, even though there wasn’t room to stand up straight in the shower :D As luck, coincidence, chance or fate would have it; I went on a short business trip to Oslo just before a summer some years ago, and although everything was expensive, I quite enjoyed myself! Oh, and I also happened to meet someone who would eventually be the reason that I went “all in” and moved to Norway. I decided to move during the first Covid summer, which was tough, but worth it. I couldn’t tell you how many “no’s” and “sorry’s” and similar things I heard back from job applications in those first 8 months (one of them being from NJW), but I persevered. Covid might not be over yet, however, I am certainly making the best of it, and I continue to learn, grow, experience and live. I am a Russian woman who speaks fluent Finnish, living in Norway, speaking English at home, and Finnish at work. My life is a paradox, I am Maria. 

Three fun facts about you

  • I am terrified of chewed gum left…anywhere. Apparently, it’s called chiclephobia. 

  • My boyfriend got me into playing video games, and now I play even more than he does (yes, that one surprised me too)

  • I LOVE tomato juice :)

Tell us a little about your hobbies

I listen to music of all genres like an addicted person, and pre-Covid I would have considered myself an avid concert-goer. In 2021 I have listened to music for over 880 hours, which is almost as much as I have played Fortnite ever. In addition to that, I enjoy embroidery and cross-stitching, and actually have a huge piece that I have worked on for over a year now. Almost done with it! 

You work with recruitment, could you tell us more about your career? 

I started as a receptionist, moved over to sales, and worked in sales for several years. I have always enjoyed working with people, and after struggling to find a job myself, and considering what I wanted to work with, recruitment hit that spot. I know what it’s like to apply to different jobs, and it matters a lot to me that I am able to help others find their way into their future careers. I believe my “don’t give up” attitude has helped me in my life, and I utilize that for my candidates as well. One of the most challenging things in this job is wanting to help people but realizing that some might not be interested in helping themselves. 

What has been your favourite travel destination so far and where would you go next? WHY?

My favourite travel destination is definitely Berlin, and I will always be excited about going back. I can’t put my finger on quite what it is, everything just feels right when I’m there! As for my next destination, London’s calling. I’ve seen it in movies, I love architecture, and my boyfriend studied there. He can’t believe I’ve never been, so when we’re able to – we’re going. 

How did you find your way to NJW? 

I learned about NJW while I was still living in Finland, and even applied back then. I found myself in Oslo sometime later, and when the opportunity presented itself, I had a feeling that I had to go for it! I already knew about the company, I had listened to recruitment podcasts, and even followed a recruitment meme account on Instagram – this was meant to be :D 

What are your plans for the future?

I want to gain valuable experience that will propel me further in my career. I want to continue growing, learning, and finding out how far I can go in the long run. But before that, I want to continue making a difference in the Finnish team and help all my candidates to get their dream jobs! I am motivated to continue reaching our team goals!  

What is the most extreme thing you have ever done in life or want to do in the future?

I am not the most “extreme” person in an “extreme sports” kind of way (at all, actually); but I have made quite big life changes that I think many people would be uncomfortable with. I have moved to a new country twice, and new cities/towns five times. That’s as extreme as I get, and I’m happy with it :)

Maria Klemashova

Talent Hunter