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Meet Me Monday - Meet Terhi, our Finnish Business & relationship Manager

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Meet Me Monday - Meet Terhi, our Finnish Business & relationship Manager

Our new series of meeting the colleagues at Nordic Jobs worldwide continues. Today you get an insight into who is the one mentoring our finnish speaking colleagues? Continue reading to learn more about our northern superwoman Terhi!

1.     Tell us about yourself briefly:

I am an adventure-loving 25-year-old from the North of Finland. I work at our Oslo Office and love living in Norway because of all the mountains and beautiful nature around. You find me often at the horse stables, climbing studio, or most likely on my sofa with a candy bag in my hand.

2.     Three fun facts about you:

1.     I love challenges – let it be a jumpy horse, scary climbing wall, or a tough run. Bet me that I cannot do it and I will certainly do it. Otherwise, I might stay on the sofa

2.     I find there is nothing more beautiful than -20 degrees, sunshine/bright moonlight with piles of snow. That’s the time for a long trip outdoors!

3.     While living in Thailand, I booked a trip alone to Malaysia and hiked a 4095 meters high mountain top in a random group – amazing experience!

3.     Tell us a little about your hobbies:

The newest, couple years old hobby I have is bouldering and climbing – it is a sport where you are having so much fun that you don’t notice working out! I ride horses twice a week and run every now and then – usually more when aiming for a half-marathon, otherwise I might “forget” going for a run 😉

4.     You work with recruitment, could you tell us more about your career?

Career starts with small jobs beside school, including a part-time journalist job in a local newspaper. After graduating from high school, I moved to Switzerland and worked there as an au pair for two years – learned German and Swiss German on the way! After I studied a Bachelor in Tourism in Finland, and did an exchange semester in Thailand, as well as a summer job as a tour guide in Western Norway for German tourists! Now it’s been 3 years since that summer, and I’m left with only understanding of those languages… but I’m sure it comes back if I would practise it with someone! After my exchange year in Thailand, I landed this great opportunity at Nordic Jobs Worldwide and finished the Bachelor while working full-time 😊

5.     What has been your favourite travel destination so far and where would you go next?

A very difficult one! I have visited at least 18 countries, several times some of them. Many places have a special place in my heart, like the breath-taking canton of Uri in Switzerland and the Møre og Romsdal area in Western Norway. Brussels has to be my favourite city to visit (I mean, all the waffles and best French fries!), but I cannot forget some small German towns, train rides in England and small streets leading to the best veggie-restaurant in Lisbon!

My next destinations for weekend-trips on the list are Malta and Greece, and for longer travels USA, Canada and Australia 😊 Lot to do, now that I’m fully vaccinated!

6.     How did you find your way to NJW?

I was looking for a job in Norway, Oslo being the best destination. I found the job advert and after the interviews, I really thought this would be the perfect opportunity – I got so lucky!

7.     What are your plans for the future?

Long-term plan and the dream is living in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, perhaps having a horse on the yard, and keep challenging myself with new goals! I plan only as I go and when I decide to do things, as I am also the most impatient person you can find! :D


8.     What is the most extreme thing you have ever done in life or want to do in the future?

First thing I thought would be jumping off a plane at 4000m meters, tandem free-fall! But I knew it’s safe, so for the most extreme, I would say those rock climbing trips where I am setting the securement on the way as I go. It’s some really scary stuff! More of that, and get better on the way 😉

Terhi Raudaskoski