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Meet Me Monday 3

Meet Me Monday - Meet Ann-Kathrine, our Malaga Office Manager & International Recruiter

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Meet Me Monday - Meet Ann-Kathrine, our Malaga Office Manager & International Recruiter

Our new series of meeting the colleagues at Nordic Jobs worldwide continues. Today you get an insight into who is the one taking care of the Malaga Office? Continue reading to learn more about Ann-Kathrine!

Tell me about yourself briefly:

I’m Ann-Kathrine, 27 years old, born and raised in Denmark. I started the Worldwider journey back in January 2019, meaning that I will soon have my 3 years anniversary in the company. I started to work as a recruiter at our headquarter in Oslo when we were only around 13 people working. Today I work as the Office Manager in our office established in 2020 last year, living a life that many people dream about. I am one of the ‘’ oldest’’ once in the company, and I have so far had the greatest learning experience, personal development, and the opportunity to grow our teams even bigger and stronger.


Three fun facts about you:

1.     I love 70’s & 80’s music!

2.     No matter how big my cup of coffee is, I never finish it.

3.     I don’t like pepper!


Tell us a little about your hobbies:

I do not have specific hobbies, but I do have a lot of things that I really appreciate and enjoy doing, all this also depends on where I am in life, as I have been moving around a lot the last couple of years. If I am back in Denmark, the best thing I know is to meet up with friends, take a walk around the lakes with a to-go coffee and taste all the amazing pastries the city can offer, and go out for a glass of wine in the weekends.

When in Spain, I appreciate relaxing always with music ( 80’s) in my ears and enjoying the sunset by the pool. However, it’s not a secret for any of my colleagues, that shopping might be on the hobby list! But in general, I think travel is the biggest value in life, so if that counts as a hobby – it’s the biggest one.


You work with recruitment, could you tell us more about your career

In my career, I have learned a lot about recruitment. One of the biggest values working with recruitment and the international environment, in general, is to have a passion for what you do every single day. Our recruiters help several people to get a job abroad, but for the candidate as an individual person, it’s not always as easy as it seems, to just find a new job, in another destination. For some people, it’s their first time moving away from their home country to work. I learned that I could use my own experience and guide candidates in the right direction, giving them the information and advice, they need, as I know how it feels to move for the right job.


What has been your favorite travel destination so far and where would you go next?

I have never been to Asia, so this is the next destination, no doubt. I have a lot of favorite destinations, but I also do think that I will base this one on the experiences I have had. Living in Norway I experienced most of the North traveling all year round to experience the beauty of the country. During winter it’s a wonderland, during summer it’s fairy-tale. The beauty of it is that it is a super underestimated country in terms of how beautiful nature is. I am still high in the experiences I have had in Norway.


How did you find your way to NJW?

Back in 2018, I wanted to experience something else in my life. I decided to look for jobs in Norway and found a hotel where I worked for 4 months, to do something completely different than where I came from. After moving back to Denmark, I figured out, that I was not quite done with Norway – so I found this opportunity on Finn.no and moved to Oslo!


What are your plans for the future?


My plan for the future is to grow our Malaga Office even bigger. Since last year, we have grown with 15 colleagues working at the office, and I have a vision of growing double size in 2022. We are looking for Danish, Swedish, and Dutch-speaking colleagues and would be happy to receive applicants for locally based and people living abroad.


What is the most extreme thing you have ever done in life or want to do in the future?

I have been diving with wild dolphins in the ocean of Costa Rica & Walked to the top of the red sand dune called Sossusvlei in Namibia

Ann-Kathrine Simonsen

Office Manager (Malaga) - International recruiter