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Weekly Update from the Malaga Office

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Weekly Update from the Malaga Office

​Happy Friday!

It has been a couple of eventful weeks at the Malaga office – we had a 3-day workshop filled with fun team building- and recruitment related activities, we celebrated the office’s first anniversary, we had photos of all the teams taken for branding purposes, and we went out for dinner together.

Celebrating the office’s first anniversary was definitely a milestone – when Ann-Kathrine, Enida, Maja, Giovanna and myself moved to Malaga last year and started working from our small office in Malaga city centre, I think it is safe to say none of us has imagined the growth our office would experience in the year to come, so to be celebrating this day at our new office with 10 “new” colleagues was amazing. Nice work, team!

The 3-day workshop also helped us to shake up our routines for a bit. We had recruitment related courses, team building competitions, lunches, breakfasts and even a yoga session together. It is never boring at the Malaga office – but these days were packed with some extra fun. The winners got to go on an Air Stream, which was super fun… But I will spare you the photos of 3 completely terrified and drenched recruiters being dragged after a boat at full speed in the Mediterranean Sea!

We hope you had as lovely a week as we did – have a great weekend!

Photo: Team Denmark