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Meet Me Monday

Meet Me Monday - Meet Charlotte, our iGaming Client Relationship Manager

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Meet Me Monday - Meet Charlotte, our iGaming Client Relationship Manager

Our new series of meeting the colleagues at Nordic Jobs worldwide continues. Today you get an insight into who our igaming queen is. Keep reading to get to know Charlotte better.

Tell us about yourself briefly: 

I am a 32-year-old sun-chasing, energetic Worldwider who loves to meet new people, build relationships, have fun, dance and enjoy amazing food. I have recently moved back to the island of Malta where I can be under the sun all year around and develop our growing iGaming portfolio even further!  

Three facts about you: 

1. I have been to over 34 countries

2. I used to work as a tailor-made lingerie expert for over 10 years,

3. I had to learn Norwegian the hard way once I moved to Oslo to work in sales as a 22-year-old.


Tell us a little about your hobbies: 

My hobby is that I don’t have a hobby, haha! Or as mentioned above, I am unfortunately not an elite athlete as so many other in our dear company. I am more of a relaxed kind of person who enjoys the sunbed at a beach club more than running in the tracks. Covid has been a true challenge for me, since traveling the world and meeting people have been my greatest hobbies for as long as I can remember. Ever since I got my very first salary – I have always prioritized to spend my money on traveling and booking flights. I enjoy social environments where I can meet new people from different cultures, and I also love to bring people together. Since relationships are my biggest passion in life, I have to say as a Client Relationship Manager - I have found the perfect job!  


You work with recruitment, could you tell us more about your career

When I moved from Norway to Malta in 2016 it started with me working as a Team Leader for a Scandinavian sales team at a 5-star hotel.
I got the chance to build up my own team, and this was when I realised that I was good at recruitment and making sure to find the right person to the right job. I am a good judge of character, and this comes well in hand in recruitment. Fun fact about this is actually that I hired our Swedish Business and Relationship Manager Maja to my team in Malta! This was how we became close friends, and then I also nagged at her to come and join me at Nordic Jobs Worldwide which I am very happy for today.
I love working with recruitment and the social aspect and the variety that comes with it. I have almost been here for three years, and I never look at the time when I am working. Making sure someone has got a new dream job or making sure that the client has found the talent they are looking for is truly rewarding and motivating.


What has been your favourite travel destination so far and where would you go next? 

Bali will always be very close to my heart. I love everything about that place, the people, the culture and the nature. The people are so kind, warm, and loving and they are ALWAYS smiling, being glad and grateful for what they have. I think we have a lot to learn from their culture and way of being. Besides that, I must of course say Italy for their amazing food!


How did you find your way to NJW ?  
Well, this is actually a funny story, because in Malta I was at this point working as Sales Executive for a translation and content company for the iGaming industry. I started to think about if perhaps I could do some of the work remote and I was missing my friends in Oslo. I posted one little Facebook – post on the group “Swedish people in Oslo” about apartments in Oslo, and our CEO caught my post. We started chatting about him needing someone to build up the iGaming portfolio – and … that was it! Suddenly, I was on a flight back to Oslo and started my adventure in Nordic Jobs Worldwide 😊


What are your plans for the future? 
I am very spontaneous and flexible as a person and like to see what happens!
I don’t make too many plans to be honest, but rather enjoy taking the days as they come, because nothing ever ends up like you have planned it anyway. And that is exactly what life is - if you ask me!
But of course, I am dreaming about growing our iGaming team in the company and in our brand-new office in Malta and looking forward to hopefully be able to travel the world again to see where I might end up next time! An apartment with a sunny terrace and an ocean view is still on the bucket list….


What is the most extreme thing you have ever done in life or want to do in the future? 
Well… that is a tough one. Extreme I don’t know, but a fun fact is at least that once I played Blackjack in the Casino of Monte Carlo on this Ibiza iGaming cruise and stayed too long so I almost missed the boat in the harbour that was supposed to take me back to the cruise ship. It ended up with me hitch hiking with a Lamborghini that passed by and drove me to the boat just in time! I can´t wait to see what the future has to bring!


Charlotte Kamlin

Client Relationship Manager