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How to stay healthy with a desk job

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How to stay healthy with a desk job

If you have ever worked a classic 9-5 desk job, you have probably felt restless, had back pain or head aches from sitting in front of your computer all day – but while sitting may not be good for you, there are many tips and tricks to alleviate this! We have gathered our best suggestions for you in this blog post.


1.       “Deskercise”

We know you are probably busy and have lots of things on your to-do list, but having a simple stretching routine can do wonders for your back and neck. You could even block out 10 minutes in your calendar everyday to complete these. Healthline has compiled a list of good “deskercises” if you are unsure where to start – check it out here.

2.       Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated is key – not only for basic functions in your body, but also for preventing headaches and staying focused. Plus it gives you a good excuse to get up from your chair and walk to the water cooler. It’s the little things that make a big difference!

3.       Move around – change positions and location

If your work allows it, grab your computer and change location once in a while. Go to an empty meeting room and work from there for 30 minutes, go outside if the weather is good, or even stand up for a little bit. If you have a standing desk, even better! Our bodies are designed to be moved and used, so moving around the office will not only help you feel less restless, it will also improve your focus and might alleviate back or neck pains. Win-win!

4.       Walk ‘n talk

Are you on the phone a lot for work? As recruiters, a big part of our daily work day consists of phone interviews. While you are on the phone, why not get up from your seat and have a little walk around the office or your home office? A lot of people even experience that they actually might think even better and faster when they are active while speaking.

5.       Walk or bike to work

While this is not an option for everyone, walking or biking to work when necessary is a really simple step to increasing your activity levels. You also get out into the fresh air, which will help wake you up for the workday ahead.


The list may seem a bit overwhelming, but remember – implementing one small habit at a time is better than doing nothing at all. In time, these things could be a non-negotiable part of your work day. Let’s take that first step towards improving your health while working a desk job!