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Weekly Update from Oslo Office

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Weekly Update from Oslo Office

​Hi to all our readers!

I want to give you a little update on how life is going here in the beautiful Norwegian capital Oslo. It's Wednesday today when writing this, and the forecast app on my iPhone shows 16 degrees outside and rain. So, I think I can say the autumn is slowly starting to be here. Also, the sign of autumn is that our Oslo office is slowly getting full of people. Colleagues are coming back from their summer holidays, and it is a great feeling to see everyone back at the office since the last winter and spring were only home-office because of the pandemic. Also, we have many new colleagues here in Oslo and it has been nice to get to know all the new faces and have some interesting talks during lunch breaks!

Recruitment-wise, we are also doing well here. Team Norway has been on fire lately and they have done a great job. But as a Finn, I also must mention that they have been a bit lucky like back in the day when they found oil here in Norway. The Finnish team has also been doing great and we are not far behind Team Norway in our little competition! Also, the other teams here in Oslo are doing great and helping candidates in finding their dream job somewhere in Europe. It is interesting to see what team will be the number one at the end of the year! The company full of great teams makes the competition tight and interesting!

All in all, the Oslo office is doing well, and we are all happy to be finally back together. We have a nice competitive spirit here but at the same time lots of fun. Next Friday, we will be gathering together for some after-work barbeque on our terrace. Let’s hope the weather will be nice!

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