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Weekly Update From Malta

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Weekly Update From Malta

Happy Friday everyone! This week blog update is live from Malta where our Client Relationship Manager and our intern Emma Rosendahl is currently located! Did you know that in Malta we have over 45 iGaming clients offering exciting positions to both Nordic speakers and Multilingual talents?
Loads of opportunities from this little rock if you are looking for a new adventure!

It is very nice to be able to work remote from here, and also finally now when Malta is opening up to meet the clients live again! Malta is also now the most vaccinated country in the entire world. Wow!

This week have been a very fun and hectic week! We have visited 2 of our dear clients down here live, and it was so nice to meet everyone face to face again. Many new openings coming from the different companies, and they are getting ready for a fun ( and super warm) summer.

We have also been chasing for some new office space here in Malta this week. This is something very exciting as we are growing as a company and it means we are able to offer remote solutions and finding “hot desk” solutions from different offices. Now with so many people in our company working all over Europe, it is so fun to know we have a nice office space to go to 😊

Are you perhaps someone who loves the sun, the clear blue ocean and hot summers? Malta offers over 320 days of sunshine in a year, so if you are a sun lover ( like myself ) this is the place to go!

We have also had a big focus on following up on all clients on video and phone meetings too, and Client Partnership is something we care deeply about in our company!

We are looking forward to see what next week will bring, and if YOU are interested in knowing what positions they have in Malta – feel free to reach out to charlotte@nordicjobsworldwide.com