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Happy Friday everyone!

The week here at the Malaga office has been full of different activities! Everything from client meetings to cross focus sessions between colleagues and markets. We are heading into summer times and many of our clients have big needs for new employees in Europe!

The Malaga office now consists of recruiters that are native in Dutch, Spanish, English, Swedish, Danish and German and we are daily in touch with both candidates and clients to match the best talents to the best positions in Europe.

 Here are some of the positions that we have been working with this week:

Danish market: Customer support in Greece, Malta, Portugal and Latvia

Swedish market: Customer support in Gibraltar, Malta, Latvia and Digital Marketing positions in Spain

German market: Customer support in Greece, Portugal and Ireland

Dutch market: Content moderator in Spain, Customer support in Portugal and Technical support in Czech Republic and Ireland

Spanish market: Sales agent in Greece, Quality control officer in Cyprus, Technical support in Romania

As you can see we have a wide spread of different positions and languages!

 I would also like to introduce you to our newest joiner Mona who will be working with the Danish and German market. We are very happy to have her and her expertise in the team and it is very exciting that the Malaga office is growing so fast!


Our business manager Enida and our International recruiters Anne and Mona.

​Enjoy your sunny weekend!