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Midsummer in Malaga

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Midsummer in Malaga

The summer is officially finally here, and this is to be celebrated!

Midsummer is the period in the middle of the summer. The celebration predates Christianity and has existed under different names and traditions all around the world. But this is a very special and big celebration, particularly in Sweden.

On this day in Sweden, people usually get together with family and friends to celebrate that summer is here. Vacation is around the corner, students has recently graduated and the long-awaited summer break has finally started! The mood is on top in Sweden by this time!

On midsummer day, people usually dress up in bright colours and make their own midsummer wreath out of 7 different handpicked flowers, to wear all day long. The theme is flowers, summer, and Sweden. This day includes all from playing games and dancing around the “midsommarstång” while singing songs about frogs, to setting up long tables in the garden and sing “snapsvisor” all night long. The traditional midsummer meal contains hearing with all kinds of flavours, potatoes, eggs and for the ones who does not eat hearing, there is usually meatballs. As we know, Swedish people loves their homemade meatballs.

Midsummer is a day full of joy and laughter, often ending with a “midsommardopp” when everyone is running into the ocean or a lake in the middle of the night and swim under the light midsummer night sky.

It is a time for inviting a lot of friends and family to celebrate together, and if you get the opportunity to join a Swedish midsummer celebration, you should take it! It’s the most wonderful time of the year.