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The web page use cookies and other technologies such as pixel tags.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you download a web page. Pixel tags are small blocks of code on a web page that allow websites to read and place cookies. These are usually used to improve your user experience and to remember who you are, so you stay logged in.

The purpose of cookies is to provide the company with basic functionality such as session management, analysis, personalization and marketing.

First-party cookies are required for the web page to work.

Third party cookies are used for analysis, marketing and personalization of the web page.

For general information about using cookies, see sections 2.1 to 2.5.

Here you can see a list of cookies used on nordicjobsworldwide.com


2.1 How to Avoid Cookies (Cookies)

 If you want to avoid using cookies, you can set your browser to not accept these. See the browser’s help pages for settings. Please note that if you choose to exclude cookies, several of the features on nordicjobsworldwide.com may not work. If you want to avoid using cookies, you can also leave the web page.


2.2 Analysis

 Nordic Jobs Worldwide AS collects anonymous information about visitors on nordicjobsworldwide.com for analysis.

 With anonymous information, we mean information that cannot be traced back to a user or person. The purpose of this is to collect statistics that can be used to further develop and improve the site. Examples of this kind of data are: the number of visitors, the page usage, how long the visit lasts, where users come from, and what browsers are used.

We also collect keywords used by the search engines on the website. This is only to improve the search hits and customer experience, and it does not gather information that can be traced back to the user.


2.3 Personalization

 In order to provide you with a relevant and good experience on our website, we use features and systems to personalize your content to suit you and your interests.


2.4 Marketing

The processing basis for email and SMS marketing is consent.

We want our marketing to be relevant and worthwhile, so the content will be tailored to you to the best of our ability. We use marketing automation software to get a good solution related to SMS and email mailings.


2.5 Personal information to third parties

 Nordic Jobs Worldwide AS will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose your personal information in any manner other than described in the Privacy Statement. Your data will only be shared if we are legally required or obtain your consent. Collaborators will only have access to the information if this is required to perform services for Nordic Jobs Worldwide AS. In such cases, data processing agreements are entered in to ensure information security, in addition, Nordic Jobs Worldwide AS will decide how the processing of the information will take place.