Do I work for Nordic Jobs Worldwide as a temp-worker?

No, unless it is an internal position for recruitment or internships. The jobs are in our client companies and the salary is paid directly from that company, you managers will be from that company and so on. So, after the recruitment process has come to its end, Nordic Jobs Worldwide will move on to the background and wish you good luck with your new job.

Where do I pay my taxes?

It depends on the customs in your home country and the country you are moving to. However, the rules change when you move abroad and leave your country and usually you pay most, if not all taxes only to the new country and you follow the local laws too.

What kind of language skills do you require from applicants?

We are a company that focus mainly on recruiting Nordic language speakers to work in different positions abroad, so you must speak at least one of the Nordic languages fluently. That is Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish. Every now and then we need someone with fluent Dutch or German. Additionally, you must have a good level of English. The companies we work with, are international companies usually with different nationalities working under the same roof, so the day-to-day -operations require working with English as well.

Do I have to travel for my interviews?

Mostly no. Interviews in most cases are held on the phone and through Skype. In some higher positions there might be one face-to-face interview in the very last stage of the recruitment process.

How fast do I need to move?

This depends largely on our client company and their needs. The most usual time frame is around a month, which is the most common notice period in job contracts and gives you the opportunity to fix all that needs to be fixed. However, some jobs are urgent and need someone to start as soon as possible and some have a certain starting date set up already from the beginning for a later date.

Can I start the job and then learn the required language?

Unfortunately, no. The available jobs mainly require a certain special language skill for the candidate to even be considered for the role. The jobs are based on the right language skills and you should be able to communicate in that language fluently from the start, the language level being at least C1 or preferably C2 level.

Do I need to manage everything about the move myself or is there someone to support me?

Most companies offer a relocation package to the recruits and some have a support person/team for you to rely on. The content of these packages varies a lot between different companies. Usually they include flights, some sort of accommodation for the first days or weeks, a pick up from the airport etc. Moving to a new country involves a lot of work, but once you get through the beginning, it gets easier!

What if I have kids and I want to move with my whole family, do companies pay for their arrival as well?

No, they don’t. Relocation packages cover the costs of the person hired and everything else is for you to arrange yourself.

Can my spouse and my family live in the same apartment with me?

Yes, if you have your own apartment, you can decide how you live. Some companies offer a living solution in a company owned shared apartment and those are usually only for the employee.

What kind of salary levels can I expect?

The salaries vary between countries quite a lot and it is important to remember that you might not be able to earn as much as you would in a Nordic country. It is better to do some research on the average salary in a certain country and find out how the living costs compare to your home country as well, to get an idea about how your new salary would compare to your current one. Many companies offer a little higher salary to employees coming from outside the country, you might get a yearly or a monthly language bonus or some other support bonus on top of your base salary.

I want to go abroad for 2-3 months in the summer or work part-time, do you have opportunities for me?

No, unfortunately not. Our available positions are generally full-time and permanent jobs and our clients hope to find people who are willing to stay longer.

Do I have to send my CV and application in English or is my native language enough?

Yes, all documents need to be in English. Most likely the person working for our client company’s HR-department doesn’t speak your language, so it is easier if everything is in English straight from the beginning.

What else do I need to know before applying?

Applicants from inside the EU or EEA have the same working rights as the locals. If you are from outside the EU, you must have your working permits, visas and all required paperwork settled before applying for jobs in Europe. You also need to be ready to move abroad and be prepared to leave if you do get a job. It is good to be financially stable and able to support yourself until you get your first salary.

How do I prepare for an interview?

First of all, most interviews are held in English. The initial screening call/interview from Nordic Jobs Worldwide can be in your native language, but usually every step after that requires you to speak English. Be prepared to introduce yourself and tell more about your background and why you should be considered for that position. If it is a Skype-interview, check in advance that your computer, connections and programs work, and you can log in. Be on time, be professional and polite. Try to minimize any possible disturbances.

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