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Many of us want to work in Norway, but no wonder. Norway is a once-in-a-lifetime destination and is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Norway is situated in the western part of Scandinavia and has around 5,2 million inhabitants. The country has been placed as the happiest place to live and work.

So why are the Norwegians so happy when it comes to work and living conditions? There are of course various reasons, but some of the reasons I will give you here.

The salaries in Norway is much higher than any other country in Europe. This makes life easy for Norwegians. But when that’s said, the expenses of living in Norway is also higher and should be counted into your calculations if you consider moving. Job security is also one of the working employee’s advantages. This makes it very hard to fire someone in Norway. Even average workers tend to stay in the same job for many years without any serious threat of loosing their job. Also, the vacation weeks is something a Norwegian person is very much looking forward to. You get five weeks per year in Norway that you can use for vacation time and they are “holy” to the Norwegians! Norway also has low unemployment rate compared to other countries and for some organizations, the goal is to create more work places for people. Doesn’t it sound great?

Norwegians value work-life balance. A typical working week is no more than 37 hours, often with an early finish on a Friday. Hours are flexible although most workplaces will have set core hours.

The taxes in Norway is around 35% and Norwegians pay a lot of tax in general. You get these taxes back in a way when you need medical help or in other situations of emergency. The tax money in Norway also gives everyone the opportunity to live a good life in Norway helping the people in need.

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