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Denmark is a Nordic country in the southern part of Scandinavia. Denmark has around 5,7 million inhabitants and has one of the oldest monarchies. Denmark is also often cited as one of the world’s best countries to live in. If you are interested to work in Denmark, then keep on reading!

Denmark is for many people known for good design, fashion, architecture and beer. Industrial design is one of Denmark’s biggest exports and the Danish fashion industry is booming like never before. Beer has been a part of Danish culture for the last 5000 years and Denmark has today over 100 breweries.

When working in Denmark, you will find many positive sides about the work culture. Denmark is proud of their healthy work-life balance. With flexible working conditions, social support, maternity leave and childcare facilities the Danes have a happy and general high standard of living. The country is always discussing how much they allow work to consume them – and people are highly involved with different opinions.

All in all, the country offers a life of quality and happiness. With its many opportunities within business like design, IT and architecture, you will always find life interesting in Denmark.



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Danish-speaking Loan Officer to a world-known bank remotely in Denmark!

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