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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is an EU member and that means that all EU citizens have the same working rights there as Czechs do. The basic work week consists of 5 eight-hour days, all in all around 40 hours per week and employees enjoy 4 weeks of holidays each year. Income taxes for workers is a flat rate of 15% and you only pay for earnings received from the Czech Republic. The average salary in the country is around 1090 euros per month (2016), so the earnings in Czech are somewhat lower than in other countries in Europe.

Czechs are more relaxed in the working world and in life. They have been said to have a kind of “black humor” not being very sensitive when it comes to life. In their free-time Czechs love going out into café’s, restaurants and pubs to have a nice conversation and a warm cup of coffee. Due to the constant flow of tourists the social scene in Czech is very diverse.

The Czech Republic has around half a million foreigners living and working within its borders. For a foreigner there are several expat organizations in the country with a strong online presence, so they are easy to find. They offer different events and activities which makes it easier to find new friends!

Czech is a country with a history of 1200 years, so it is the home of so many beautiful historic, medieval cities, castles, streets and so much more. Czech offers you excellent beer, wine, interesting folklore, world famous spas and special, picturesque landscapes.

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Finance & Banking

Remote Data Protection Officer for a FinTech company in Czechia

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