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Follow Me around SiGMA , the iGaming Conferance

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Follow Me around SiGMA , the iGaming Conferance

Hi Nordic Followers!


This week I have had the pleasure of escaping the Norwegian winter and partaking in the SiGMA conference here in Malta. I have also gotten to spend time at our amazing Malta office at SoHo garden. Read on to see how it went!


I arrived late on Sunday and while walking to the office on Monday the first thing that hit me was the sharp contrast to the city I had left the day before. Of course, most strikingly, Malta is warm. Even now in wintertime, a good 22 degrees makes it comfortable walking around in a dress or a T-shirt. Also, the city is filled with gorgeous, old buildings and churches in various tones of beige and brown. The streets are narrow, and people walking, driving in cars or on scooters makes it seem chaotic and exotic for a girl from Oslo.


The same can be said about the SiGMA conference. The event hall was enormous, and it was packed with stands. It was like a conference, a village and a festival all in one. One stand was outshining the next, with lights, screens, food, drinks, costumes, business cards, meeting rooms, decorations, and everything you can imagine. It took us the whole first day to get an overview of the place, and only at the end of the day did we realize there was a whole other hall, where the startup village was located! We got ready to mingle – both with old and trusted partners whom we have hired many times before, with new prospects that we had planned on talking to as we knew they had a need of recruitment for different languages and with new companies, neither of us had heard of before. iGaming was of course the largest industry there, but we were surprised to find the number of companies representing finance and payment solutions, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology that were represented. The atmosphere was creative, busy, open-minded, and exciting. We handed out business cards and collected them, and I am sure the connections we have made will lead to fruitful collaborations in the future.

I was lucky to accompany Charlotte Kamlin, our client relationship manager who lives here in Malta and knows the iGaming industry like the back of her hand. She knew a lot of the people at the conference and was more than once referred to as the «queen of recruitment» by our partners. Not a bad title!

 We also had time for a bit of fun. I got to drive a Ferrari (a simulation, of course) and spin the lucky wheel. And – as I understand – in Malta, the workday never really ends. After the conference, the calendar was filled to the brim with dinners and socializing with the people we had connected with at the conference. Malta is packed with people who have arrived for the conference, like me, and everyone was using the opportunity to get to know each other in person.


Even though today was the last day of the conference, I am staying until Sunday giving me time to have a proper workday at the office tomorrow, and also do some sightseeing! I have picked up on the things I need to see, the food I need to eat, and the sites I have to visit before I go home. Thank you SiGMA, looking forward to next time!

Anie Otilie Weidal

Business Manager and International Recruiter