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Weekly Update From The Offices!

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Weekly Update From The Offices!


Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying the first week of August. This week we have had some colleagues on vacation, and while the office is a bit quieter the new and exciting positions that are rolling in is giving us plenty to do!

This week we have had special focus on our roles in Riga, Latvia. This is a bit of a mysterious destination, unknown to many. But not only is it one of Europe’s cheapest cities, but it is a vibrant hub of youth and expats and has a lot to offer in terms of bars, restaurant’s, charming old buildings, and history. Of course, Riga also has a lot to offer in terms of jobs. We have three partners in Riga working with HR and customer service, and they have given us plenty to do!

On the social side at the Oslo office, we have decided to focus on our health and join a gym. As a company there will now be spinning, weights, yoga and running, and by Christmas your recruiters will be looking a lot more fit! We also had a fun competition this week that had our recruiters really tap into their winner-instincts, and where a sushi-lunch was the grand prize.

Anie Weidal / Talent Hunter


Greeting from Estonia!

Recent weeks have been quiet at the offices as many of us are still on vacation. In Tallinn business is as usual and we are working hard on finding the right job for the right candidate. We are back on track after a well-deserved holiday. We have been focusing on roles all over Europe but especially in eastern Europe. We work hard on filling positions in Estonia, Latvia, and Poland.

Mart-Kevin has been doing some PR for the ski team as well. He visited a local ski club in Tartu and coached some kids - Maybe one of them is the future star of our Ski team? MK spoke more about the NJW ski team and what he does for work. Most importantly, he shared some tips and tricks about skiing.

Tomorrow, Team NJW will be part of Ironman Tallinn. It is a Triathlon which consists of 3,8km of swimming, 180km of cycling and 42,2km of running!

We wish you a lovely weekend ahead!

Inka Saavalainen / International Recruiter



The summer vibe is ON!

We see many people motivated to find a job abroad and especially also here in Spain. In fact, we are looking for new recruiters ourselves, to our Malaga office. Hopefully, we can find a Danish and Dutch speaker to start working with us, form 1st of September. We are looking for new colleagues to join our amazing, motivated, and talented team!

As summer is still on its highest, we enjoy the sunny days and the nice atmosphere around us. If you ask us, what we are going to spend our time on, during the weekend – the answer would probably be, to go to the beach or eat paella or tapas in the lovely city with at night. We love it here, and we wish to create that same feeling for all of you out there, of working abroad in another country and city of your dreams!

We still have a lot of colleagues on vacation, so we make sure to get the best out of every day by having coffee breaks at the local coffee shop or taking our work sessions outside.

We are working on a lot of new positions from both existing but also new clients, and we can’t wait to tell you about them! HAPPY FRIDAY!

Ann-Kathrine K. Simonsen / Office Manager