When moving to Lisbon what do I need to Pack?

On this journey as a recruiter and recruiting vastly for my home country Portugal more specifically for Lisbon, I come many times with common questions from the candidates that are offered a job in Lisbon and now are ready to Pack!

This also reminds me the times I had to pack my own stuff to move to Norway and how important was some inside knowledge in advance, a friend told me “do not bring tight clothes or tight shoes for winter”  – yes that come out to be one of the best advises!

So, what about Portugal?

  • Winter in Portugal – is a winter jacket really needed to survive the weather?

Bring a winter jacket, I would not say you need a “Fjällräven” winter jacket for snow, since it will not snow in Lisbon (only if you go to some places in the north of Portugal, there you have snow actually).

However in winter (November, December and January mostly) temperatures can get low and you have a lot of humidity, due to be close to sea, so you will feel a different cold – still is cold and not comfortable.

Bring something that is good for rainy days, since it rains during winter a lot. Portugal has variable different temperatures during the day, in the afternoon you can get sun and be warm and at night drops drastically, you have a higher amplitude of temperature during the days. If you go out with a t-shirt in the morning and leave at work at night, you might want to bring a jacket just in case.

We Portuguese joke about it and say we have all the seasons in one day!

  • What I can expect from the people around and generally the life in Lisbon?

We Portuguese are overall friendly and easy going, most of us in the big cities speak fluently English, so do not be shy to ask things in English.  We like to help others, no surprise if you ask for indications to go somewhere and end up almost being taken to the place. Nevertheless, a close friendship takes time with a Local, we are more reserved then other nationalities that also speak Portuguese, a lot of my foreigner friends tell me “we are more serious, even in the way we speak”.

In Portugal, in Summer people like to go to the beach (obviously) cafes and restaurants and enjoy the sun in a terrace after work, we have also plenty of night life with a lot of Bars and restaurants being open until late hours.  We also enjoy visiting some of the historic places must see in Lisbon, take a tram to move around Lisbon. We also have many shopping centers, malls, to go to the cinema or just go shopping.

Keep your own things near you, if you leave your jacket behind do not expect to find it on the same place, there are some pick pockets around the main city centers, regardless, Lisbon is a safe town.

Suggestions to go out:

  • Lx Factory (bars and restaurants, cultural events, shopping)
  • Bairro Alto (bars, restaurants. Shopping, tradicional Lisbon streets)
  • Alfama Bairro (traditional Lisbon streets)
  • Miradouro de Santa Luzia (sight seeing)
  • Miradouro do Adamastor (sight seeing with bars)
  • Praias de Cascais (you have a lot of beaches on the Cascais train line, just take a train and go until the end of the Line from Cais do Sodré until Cascais)

  • How is it with the pandemic Covid-19 in Portugal? Are there any regulations or whatsoever that I need to think of in beforehand?

As per today, yes, you will need to wear a mask when you go to the supermarket, shopping centers or you are in a closed space. In Public transports is also mandatory to wear a mask and you will see a lot of people in the streets moving around with masks.  So, prepare to bring one that will be always in your pocket! Also, the Bars and some street shops are closing earlier, and gatherings of people can be limited to a maximum amount.

We Portuguese call it the “new normal”. We need to be a bit more patient during these times and just do our normal life.

Adding up, if you have an extra budget when you are moving, the best should be you do some shopping in Portugal, not only things are less expensive than in Scandinavian countries, it will be a lot of fun to go around and visit those “huge shopping’s” we have and just buy new clothes, shoes, etc you need, here 2 suggestions:

  • Centro Vasco da Gama Shopping Centre, Lisbon
  • Colombo Shopping Centre (Centro Comercial Colombo), Lisbon

If you are feeling “snow sick”, I would suggest when you have some days off, you rent a car with some friends and go to “Serra da Estrela”, in summer time is a blossom nature wonder, on winter snow covers the mountains tops:

Now that you have a new glimpse over my country, hope you can enjoy the time you will be around.

I will be available for further questions you may have and will be glad to help you to get a job in Portugal and who knows maybe will be your new country to move in permanently? 😊

Reach me at: vanessa@nordicjobsworldwide.com

Vanessa Sarmento - Senior International Recruiter at NJW
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