Weekly Update – March 2021 is here!

I’m sure everyone in Europe remembers March 2020 quite well, it being the time when first lockdowns started and Covid-19 had officially arrived to most European countries at a worrying rate. It is hard to wrap the head around the fact that it’s been a full year since that happened! Full year of following the news for changes in restrictions, Covid-19 spread rates and waiting for vaccinations to arrive.

At Nordic Jobs Worldwide, it has naturally brought challenges for us in recruitment, but we are happy that moving abroad for work is still very much possible! Our client companies have successfully implemented remote trainings, remote work, support with testing, quarantines and everything necessery to assure safe landing to a new country in the middle of this pandemic. This way, our world-hungry applicants get to fulfill their dreams of moving abroad, experiencing new cultures, and in many cases, living in a milder climate than the Nordics.

It has been many sunny days in Oslo!

We, as well as our partners and job seekers, have adjusted to the Covid-19 situation better than we could have ever hoped! The first March 2020 lay offs and lockdowns were uncertain and scary times, but here we are, one year after, rocking it! We have helped hundreds of job seekers to find work in the past 12 months around Europe. It has been quite a year!

That being said, remember that we are always easily approachable and would like to hear from everyone, that is interested in the opportunities we offer. We help and advise you regarding our job opportunities, application, and if you shall proceed to interviews, we even prepare you for them! Therefore, do not hesistate to contact us if you would like to be considered for our current or future work opportunities around Europe, with Nordic languages. Also, it is very exciting to see what the next 12 months bring us, and how the world situation will be then!

We wish you health and wellbeing, let’s keep rolling and we will make it through these special times! 🙂


Terhi Raudaskoski - Business Manager & International Recruiter
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