Weekly update from the team

Hi all! The week has rolled over to another Friday and it is time for a quick update from the office, or should I say home offices around Oslo. We are taking all the needed measures to do our part in hindering the spread of Covid-19 and therefore we are mostly working from home. However, we are always there to answer the phone, messages or emails, so nothing has changed in that sense, don’t worry!

This week was a bit shorter due to a national holiday on Monday when we all were off duty and enjoying the hot weather that was sweeping over Oslo. On Wednesday we celebrated the birthday of our Client Relationship Manager Charlotte who turned 31. Charlotte is a great baker, so she brought us some yummy cake to the office which we enjoyed on our amazing terrace. Once more, happy birthday Charlotte! Let’s go back to that day with a few photos.


Now from this birthday business to real business. We are continuously working with recruitment and many of our clients are looking for talents just like you. So if you thought things are not moving forward during this time, you are mistaken. We have loads of jobs available. Malta, Greece and Portugal among the top locations for the summer to name but a few. So by all means, if you are interested in looking into opportunities abroad for the upcoming year, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us help you find your next job!

So, we’ll talk soon, right? For now, have a happy Friday and weekend. Until next week!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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