Weekly Update From The Tallinn Office

Happy Friday from the Tallinn office.


As per usual the whole team has been busy this week. Our days have consisted of headhunting, calls and meetings.  Everyone has been working extremely focused, and at times the only thing you can in the office is all of us typing and our favorite country music playlist playing in the background. We know you are dying to know which playlist is our favorite so for you, our dear worldwider, we will reveal it. The secret behind our focus is called “Chilling on a country road” and you can find it on Spotify. At times, our office is filled with chatter as we are constantly reaching out to candidates.

One team member has spent the week in Finland. Mart Kevin has spent the week exploring the Finnish winter training with the ski team alongside recruiting.

Everyone at Nordic jobs worldwide participated in a LinkedIn webinar hosted by Andreas Wedin, relationship manager at LinkedIn. The webinar focused on how to use LinkedIn in the most efficient way and what content to produce. We appreciate all feedback about our content, so do not hesitate to give us feedback. This week we also launched the #HereToHelp campaign, you might have seen it if you follow us on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram.

Since March we have managed to help nearly 600 people to get a new occupation. Even if times are troubling, we still have many clients in numerous locations looking for new reinforcement to their international teams. Our team is happy to help you and coach you thorough the recruitment process.


Inka Saavalainen - International Recruiter
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