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Hello everyone!


It’s summer and pretty quiet in the office at the moment, as many of our colleagues are on vacation. Many of them are travelling around in our beautiful country, Norway. Due to the circumstances, many national destinations are experiencing an influx of Norwegian tourists, and I think this is the year that many Norwegians are learning to really appreciate the local destinations we have here.


Even though many of our recruiters are on vacation our clients abroad are not! They are searching for candidates all over Europe. We are soon going into August, and that means “back to school”, but also “back to work”, as I’d like to call it. Actually, jobs might be easier to find towards the end of the summer. When people are back from vacation there tends to be a new hiring season. Everyone is more refreshed and relaxed, which can make the hiring process go faster and smoother.


This time of the year is a wonderful time for change and for grabbing new opportunities. As you know, our business is expanding, and that means more opportunities for you too. Why go on vacation to get sun, when you can just move to a warmer country and gain work experience at the same time? Some sunny places where we have opportunities right now is Lisbon, Athens, Cyprus and Malta. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in an opportunity to work abroad.

We here at Nordic Jobs Worldwide hope you are enjoying the summer and wish you a great weekend!


Julie Rysgård - International Recruiter
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