Weekly update from the office

Hi everyone, it’s Friday once again and I’m going to give you a little update about the week.

This week has gone by so fast! We are still working short days and we are getting more and more business each day, which means that it’s more opportunities for you. We can see that with the borders between countries are opening, that our partners now see the possibility to hire candidates from abroad again. We believe that it’s only going to get better and better the next months and the opportunities to work abroad will get better than in a long time.

On Wednesday this week our good colleague Ann-Kathrine had her last day at this office. She is moving back to her hometown Copenhagen, but she will still work at Nordic Jobs Worldwide. We had a goodbye party on our rooftop terrace, before going to a restaurant to finish the party there.

That was our week quickly summed up, we hope you will have a nice weekend and contact us if you ever are in need of a job!


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