Weekly update from the Malaga office

Hello everybody!

Another week is coming to an end here at the Malaga office – and this was actually a special week, as our two new recruiters Laura, who specialises in recruitment of German speakers, and Jeannic, who works with French and Dutch speakers, had their first week of recruitment after their onboarding! Both are part of the Multilingual team here in our office which is very exciting as we have been wanting to grow the Multilingual team since we opened the Malaga office in September 2020. With this being their first real week of recruitment, it means we have all been working extra hard to get them started and to be there to answer all their questions. There is a lot to learn, but they are doing so well already!

We also went out for a team dinner last Friday to make sure they feel welcomed to the Worldwiders family – we work hard, but we also prioritise spending time together outside of work. That is part of what makes it so enjoyable to work in this amazing office!

Our office is also starting to come together nicely with the new branding, plants and decorations. We have really built an inspiring and welcoming atmosphere to work in here in the heart of Malaga, which makes it hard not to enjoy going to work here every single day. Not only do we have beautiful views from our office and lots of space, we are also located in the heart of Malaga with lots of options for lunch and dinner just around the corner. We truly are lucky to work with what we love in these beautiful surroundings!

We have also had a few start-up meetings with new clients this week – which means even more exciting job opportunities for you. Stay tuned for more interesting job opportunities soon – and don’t forget to check our job board to stay updated on our new roles!


The Malaga office wishes you a lovely weekend!


Anne Kamstrup – International Recruiter
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