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Hey Worldwiders!

As we are getting closer to the most beautiful time of the year then of course- the streets are getting decorated; everyone has put up a tree at home and the weather has given us the minus degrees. So it feels quite cold & Christmassy here but unfortunately – no snow yet.. But, we are praying for it.

Oh and most exciting thing- Christmas market is opened! It is such a big thing here in Tallinn and everyone loves it. You can have a cup of mulled wine; eat gingerbread cookies and just enjoy the nice and cozy feeling it gives you!

Did you know?

.. That countdown to Christmas for kids starts 1st of December when they hang their Christmas sock/slipper on the windows or the doors. The elves then come during the night and fill the sock with chocolates or sweets. And that’s also how kids send their wishes to Santa – write a letter and put it in the sock and elves deliver it to Santa.
And this tradition is not only for children, I still hang my Christmas sock up and get my sweets every morning! 😉


But how are we doing in the office and with recruitment?

We of course are in Christmassy mood as well – our usual country playlist has changed to Christmas one.

But the office is more quiet than usually and you can feel the focus. We are working so hard these last couple of weeks from this year to make sure as many people as possible gets new job for Christmas. Because what could be better than starting new year with new exciting job, right? And we can leave for holidays with a big happy smile because we have done super good job and can enjoy our well-deserved break to come back next year with even more energy and power to help more people.

Half of our team will leave Tallinn for Christmas to their home countries- Sweden and Finland to spend time with family and do some remote work, locals will stay here and work from office.


This week our main focus was to work with starting dates in mid-December, because not much recruitment happens towards the end of the year and mid-December is usually the last starting dates for this month/year. Which means – a lot of calls, sourcing and advertisements to reach as many (local) candidates as possible. But as everyone knows the times are a bit difficult at the moment and the recruitment is more trickier – different situations for us all the time.
Despite the difficult times we remain grateful and happy because we can help so many people every day.
Our big demand for Germans still continuous- so if you speak that language or know someone who is, then you can contact us and we can have a chat about the opportunities. Of course not to mention the Nordic languages – Danish, Norwegians etc. something for everyone!


Other than that our routine is still the same- Monday morning we have our Weekly meeting to go through previous week and focus for this week. Then, on Wednesday we have quick catch-up to see how is everyone doing and can we help each other with anything or perhaps we need to change the focus as things can change in the blink of an eye in recruiters life so we always need to adapt.
And of course not to forget about our Coffee round downstairs every morning.

On Thursday, we got a really nice surprise from one of our long-time partner TietoEvry, beautiful box with Christmassy foods inside. This was a lovely surprise and thank you for that TietoEvry. Looking forward to work with you in the upcoming year!



PS! We have planned super exciting challenge for our lovely Malaga office – decorate a gingerbread house! We have 2 hours to decorate and after that everyone can vote for their favorite one. The pictures will be on our Instagram too so keep an eye on it to see how did we all do.


Pille-Riin Jakobson - Talent Hunter, Tallinn office
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