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Happy snowy Friday! Yes, today we actually woke up to Wintery views here in Finland, let’s see how long that will last!

This week it was my turn to write the weekly Friday update and I was given the task to reflect on how the week has been as a remote Recruiter. Since Spring, my workdays changed from working at our Oslo office together with all colleagues, to working remotely, from home in Finland. However, the world situation being what it is today, I think it’s safe to say I’m not alone doing that. It’s not only me and some of my fellow Worldwider-colleagues that currently have home office, but a lot of people can probably relate to remote work right now.

Luckily, we live in a world where this is possible and we at Nordic Jobs Worldwide have gotten to show our ability to live up to especially one of our values; Always Adapting. In just a couple of months we went from basically everyone working at the same one office to three offices in three different countries and quite a few remote recruiters in several additional countries, plus home office being the reality. We managed to quickly adapt to these changes and it all actually contributed to many positive things and huge development for the company!

Friday morning home-office-views in Helsinki, Finland

vs. Friday morning office-views in Malaga, Spain


















The communication internally has improved a lot and we have become more structured and better at sharing updates with each other. That’s something I appreciate the most working as a remote recruiter. We are also good at keeping up the positive vibes with humor and fun posts in our internal chat and Facebook group and setting up different sessions together to create the feeling of affinity. Of course, we also do weekly update meetings over video within our teams, but also across the teams. This week for example, we’ve set up one-on-one sessions with a colleague from another office or country to get some new input, motivation and for sharing tips and tricks, since it’s easy to get stuck in old patterns when working home alone.

Some routines are still good to have to distinguish work from your personal life when you live and work in the same space. As an example I like to start every morning with a short walk, just to wake up and get some fresh air before sitting down by the computer and to get the feeling of “going to work”. I also sit down by a desk to get into work mode and try to stick to my working hours, being effective during those hours, to be able to shut the computer when the day is over. Flexibility is great, but in the long run a good work/life balance is important too.

Hanging online is not the same as working with colleagues in real life, but we make the very best of the situation! And to be fair, we rarely feel “alone” anyway as we spend so much time on the phone talking to our lovely candidates. Our work location might differ but focus stays the same – we’ll continue doing what we do best, helping our clients find their talent and our candidates find that job abroad.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your weekend!

Frida Lönnberg - Senior International Recruitment Consultant
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