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Week update!

The weeks at Nordic Jobs Worldwide is going so fast!

We have so many exciting opportunities for all Nordic speakers now and so many new positions that are coming up. We now have new opportunities in Bucharest, Romania! This is a new country for us and that means a lot to learn!

So, when we get a new country like Romania, it’s important for us to do some research and really get to know the country and especially the city where we are sending our candidates. Bucharest has a lot to  offer and we were taken by surprise when we read about Bucharest. It seems like this city has everything! Bucharest is the largest city in Romania and it’s the cultural, industrial and financial center of the country. Bucharest is located in the southeast of the country and can also offer some elegant architecture. The recent years, Bucharest has experienced an economical and cultural boom. Maybe not a bad idea to get your international experience in Bucharest?

We also have new opportunities in Malta and Barcelona. Both are very popular and we have a lot of “traffic” to these two destinations. Last week we got some good news about big opportunities in Malta, and we are now looking for a Country Manager and Affiliate Manager. Stay tuned!

And in the end, a little update on how our candidates are doing. Our candidates this month has been going to Malta, Czech Republic, Estonia and Barcelona. We are always just as excited as the candidate is and we keep following up on how the candidate experience the country and their new job! They seem to be enjoying the sun and the city. Next blog may contain some pictures from our candidate’s experiences, so if you are thinking about moving abroad for work, we can do an update here next week on how the candidates has experienced everything so far!


Otherwise we have a lot on our plate and we are so excited to see how the summer will be! Everything is happening so fast and we are expanding our office here in Nordic Jobs Worldwide as well.


Have a good weekend and keep following us for updates on how it is to work abroad.

Henriette Husevåg – International Recruitment consultant

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