Top 10 Reasons To Live and Work In Limassol

This Friday, we have a guest blogger who will tell you more about how it is to live and work in Limassol, Cyprus! Martin Fritjofsson got a job trough Nordic Jobs Worldwide and moved from Sweden to the sunny weather in Limassol. He has since 2019 been enjoying all the benefits of working  and living in Cyprus and will now tell you more about it here!

With 2020 slowly coming to an end, too many plans have been spoiled to call it anything else but a
disappointment. Are you also looking for that fresh start in 2021? Seize the opportunity to move
abroad and gain some meaningful experiences! Considering all the people you meet and memories
you create, you will thank yourself for leaving your comfort-zone.
It’s now been over a year since I moved to Europe’s most southern city, Limassol, and I don’t regret it
for a second. An excellent balance of work and life, wrapped in a cosmopolitan vibe makes Limassol
the perfect location. With companies constantly looking for multilingual talents – I thought it was time
to break down what I believe, are the Top 10 Reasons To Live and Work in Limassol:

1.Work Benefits in Cyprus.
To kick start this list, we’ll look at the benefits of working in Cyprus. Regardless of the company,
common benefits include insurance, pension contribution, bonuses and a 13th annual salary. More
so, expats are often offered extra perks – in the form of paid relocation, flight tickets and rental
Whether you’ve already found a job or are currently looking for one – chances of it being Forex are
very high for an expat. In brief terms, Forex is a mix of currency trading and high-intensity sales –
with huge incentives, often resulting in a 5-figure payslip for the top agents.
Does this sound appealing to you? Then take a look at the open positions in Limassol, while they’re
still open:  Jobs in Cyprus

2. Relocation
Next up on our list comes the relocation, an obvious deal-breaker for anyone moving to a new
country. You want it to be quick and effortless to instead fully focus on work and social life.
When it comes to Cyprus, you can breathe out. By having an EU/EEA passport, the major part is
already sorted, and you’re fully free to work here. The one working permit you need (“yellow slip”) is
easily obtained with help from your company.
How about finding a place to stay? As easy as it could be. Arriving at Larnaca airport on Friday, I
never expected to sign a rental agreement the following Tuesday, but this was the case.

3. Climate Comfort
The climate was the one thing I had high expectations about when moving here – yet it still
over-delivered. At the time of writing this, 25 degrees and sunshine, despite being halfway through
November. Summer ranges from early May to late October, offering temperatures in the mid-30°C.
Rain is extremely uncommon meaning your outdoor-plans rarely get spoiled due to bad weather.
While some people call it “winter”, I see it as an average Nordic summer. During the coldest months of
January and February, the temperature rarely drops below 18°C. Carving a proper winter? Let the
Troodos Mountains please you with it’s stunning nature and views. With a Ski Center at the highest
peak, you can finally fulfill that dream of snowboarding and wakeboarding all in the same day.

4. Beaches
With the climate in mind, you will highly appreciate the easy access to the beaches. In fact, you will
never have more than 60 minutes to the sea, wherever you are on the island. There are 160
registered beaches on Cyprus, whereof 36 are found in Limassol. Some of them with proper locker
rooms, bars and showers – but also a range of untouched gems, waiting for you to discover.
As many as 61 of the beaches on Cyprus are certified with the Blue Flag eco-label; a proof of quality
and sustainability. In addition, the European Environment Agency awarded Cyprus for having the
cleanest bathing waters in Europe. I could write an entire post exclusively about the beaches – but it
still wouldn’t justify the real-life experience of these coastal wonders

5. Off Days
Moving further down our list, it’s time to shed some light on those days off work. Beach life in all its
glory, but the comforting climate enables plenty more. Kitesurfing, spearfishing, hiking trails and
volleyball are just a fraction of all the outdoor-activities you’ll find, all year round.
Limassol also offers a long-spun list for the more mellow people. The charming old town and the
modern marina are two perfect city-areas for a day off. These are teeming with cafés and bars, so
welcoming you can end up for hours. If you want to spoil yourself, you can rely on a wide range of
shopping and spas as well.

6. Cultural Diversity
Limassol is not only a hotspot for Europeans but attracts people from all over the world. The island’s diverse population has shaped such a sparkling culture – even the most well-traveled individuals will
have a fun time adapting to it. This is undoubtedly a key reason why Limassol is so popular. The lack of cultural barriers is significant – creating a perfect opportunity to meet and network with amazing people. In addition to that you’ll realize that nearly everyone speaks English, making daily life that much more convenient.

7. Foodie’s Paradise
The blend of nationalities has also set its impact on the island’s cuisine. As you’re strolling down the
beach promenade, you’ll pass by any kind of restaurant you can think of – from curry to steak houses,
the best seafood and sushi bars.
The traditional local cuisine is naturally influenced by the godly Greek kitchen, with a slight middle
eastern touch. The ideal introduction would be a Cypriot meze at an authentic taverna – including the
local delicacies Kleftiko, Sheftalia, and the national treasure Halloumi.
As if it couldn’t get any better, eating out in Limassol is also surprisingly affordable, which leads us to
the next reason on the list…

8. Cost of Living
This is of course subject to your lifestyle, but all in all, you can presume the living costs to be relatively
low. Although Limassol’s rents have increased in recent years  – groceries, transportation and other monthly expenses are low enough to help you save a decent portion of your salary. Most importantly, saving in Cyprus doesn’t limit your fun – at all. The low price of leisure and
entertainment is the greatest difference to a nordic country. Avoid the most touristy places and you’ll get a really good time for a modest price. A three-course dinner is on average €20 a person, whilst a blasting night out rarely exceeds €50 (5-7 drinks + cab home + late-night kebab).

9. Outstanding Nightlife
Even if people here value hard work, they do know how to have a fun time. Such a fine balance of
“work hard, play hard” is hard to find elsewhere. Surely, you’ll spend at least one memorable weekend
on the wild streets of Ayia Napa, located just a 1-hour drive away from Limassol.
But don’t underestimate a weekend in Limassol, as you would miss out on several quality clubs and
bars. Guaba Beach Bar being the most noteworthy having been awarded the 22nd best club in the
World for 2020. Find yourself dancing to the world’s best DJs, with alternative surroundings, right on
the beach.

10. The Travelling Opportunities
To wrap this list up, we’re looking at great travelling possibilities. You’re already living on a paradise
island, but Cyprus has some interesting countries nearby. With the Middle East just a 1 hour flight
away; Beirut, Byblos, Tel-Aviv and Petra etc, become perfect weekend destinations. The same
applies to Greece and Turkey in the north, but also the north African countries in the south.
More so, Cyprus’ popularity as a tourist destination, has created plenty of flight connections and many
of them being non-stop. For instance, Larnaca Airport offers direct flights to 70 different destinations in
30 countries at the time of writing this (winter of covid). Quite impressive for such a small country!
I could easily extend this list with another 10 reasons, but I think you have enough strong motives to
make a decision by now. If this list has got you packing your suitcase already, let the talent hunters
help you. I couldn’t have asked for a more swift and trouble-free recruitment process myself. There is
a high demand for our job offers in Limassol and considering they’re limited, it’s a good idea to go
through them straight away.

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