The CEO-report – year 2018

CEO Report!

A new year has arrived. Time is moving so fast. 1 year ago, me and my Partner Björn had our first work day in the company. After selling us out from some old business we were able and ready to take this adventure to a new chapter.

With already four people in the company we accelerated to six and we had a 50% growth already in the first month. We threw ourselves out there and some new milestones were created on the way together with the colleagues:

  • We started the year with 40 clients in 10 countries. We ended the year with 98 clients in 26 countries.
  • Four new internal roles were created for high performing colleagues during the year.
  • We had a 350% revenue growth in 2018.
  • Our second brand Multilingual Jobs Worldwide was released. Another office was established in Barcelona September 2019 with 5 colleagues.
  • All time high for one month was over 200,000 Euros.
  • We visited clients all over Europe!
  • Ended the year with hiring new people! During January 2019 we have 8 new people starting in the organisation and we will be 24 colleagues internal, a 400% growth in 1 year!

So, what have I learned from this year and what can we develop in the future?

The culture, values and the vision of the company can never be compromised. When you give away responsibilities, coach colleagues and follow up on the company standards you expect things to happen and that people will follow. If not, you need to act, you always have a choice in life. No one is perfect, but you can always decide “how you choose to see the day” and what “role you are going to play”.

During my trips to Africa I can see how happy the people are with the little things they have. People work and live for the day to eat and celebrate life with their families. Every dinner is a feast! The kids are raised by other children, they show respect to older people and they laugh even if they are dirty and hungry. They don´t know what they don´t have so they are living a life with what they have, playing outside with dreams and visions about becoming something in life.









Our visions and ambitions are to build the best and biggest Nordic Recruitment agency, relocating candidates from the Nordics to companies all over the world. To build a strong Multilingual brand supporting the same clients with the same quality, always being our partners’ first choice! Set up new offices and brands, give away responsibilities, create new roles in-house, going on business trips and celebrate success. Be a future driven company always ready to adapt with new things.

A personal development is to be even more involved with my colleagues’ development, coach even more on individual basis. Celebrate success, find the keys to create a good atmosphere at the offices. Keep my trust in people and share responsibilities, continue to be honest and talk about things in an early stage.

You are spending more time together with your colleagues than you do with friends and family. The consensus of what we are doing is important for everyone to feel. This is my lifestyle, I want my colleagues to feel the same and climb the mountain together with me. Helping everyone to the top together as a team.

There are many obstacles on the road, they are not always easy to climb, but when you succeed, and you see the amazing view of the work you have done together with your colleagues – then you have the real satisfaction.

Keep your head high people! Don´t be jealous and negative in life, find your path and help people on the way. You never know when you need them again, it´s always easier to get positive energy from others and ask for help when you have given it yourself.

“Don´t worry, be happy”. Tomorrow is a new day 😊

Rickard Fritjofsson - CEO and Founder
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