Tartu Maraton – Ski Team Success in Tartu

47th Tartu Maraton – the biggest race in Estonia and the whole Baltics! In autumn we set our sights on making history and WE DID! 


Now we have had a few days to digest and it is a perfect place to put these thoughts and feelings into this blog post. Let’s take a closer look on how we raced the perfect race. 

Before we get to the race, we have to rewind to the start of last week. After winning the first Visma Challenger race of the season, Alutaguse Maraton, Mart and Team Nordic Jobs Worldwide was seen as a strong favorite to win Tartu Maraton. This actually put tremendous pressure on us to perform, something that we are not used to, but as Mart said – great practice and opportunity to see, if we can handle it.


The day before we had our usual routine and went ski testing to Kääriku, where we could take a closer look at the condition of the track. Unfortunately, as it has been in many other races this year, the night before there was fresh snowfall, which made it very difficult to choose the right skis. It just seems to be our luck!

We put together a tactical plan on how we could make the most of the race, control it and come away victorious. We had multiple scenarios depending on the conditions, but the outline was the same. Young guns Jürgen and Robin set out to push the pace and control the group as long as possible. Henri and Mart tried to sit at the back and conserve energy until it really mattered.

Then came the race day – we had 6 athletes on the startline: Piret, Merilin, Robin, Jürgen, Henri, and Mart. So, two very strong girls with a solid chance of making the podium and four sharp guys to battle it out on the field. Before the start, we had to run our final ski tests, and damn, it was difficult to choose. Since fresh, wet snow was on the track, with every glide the track got faster and made it more difficult to notice the differences between the skis. But we had to choose and it was now or never because the start was getting very close. We just had to hope that we had made the right decisions.

The moments before the start were nervous, skis were still being waxed and the clock was relentlessly ticking towards 9 am. Just four minutes before the start we got the skis and ran to our places on the grid. Now it was our chance to make Estonian skiing history! At 9.00 am we took off!




With the first 400m we took charge – all four guys were at the front and ready to put our plan to work. Jürgen and Robin took the lead, followed by Mart and Henri. We had a plan to let Jürgen and Robin breakaway with around five kilometers raced, but due to the slow conditions, it was not that realistic. The group ate them back and now we just had to wait for our chance to take the first sprint. 300m from the sprint Mart let Robin go and we had secured our first podium appearance and some cash into our pockets 😉



Mart Kevin Polluste - International Recruiter & Team manager
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