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Portugal – the land of new adventures and modern times conquistadors

Moving to Portugal was never my attention, but it just happened. After living a year in Australia and a summer in buzzling London, Lisbon seemed like a good Mediterranean choice to wind it down. With the sea, the sun and the amazing food with friendly people. The ever-moving street life of the Portuguese capital city sucked the Nordic adventurer right in. The smell of the fresh ocean fish, the sea combined with the burned skin with the sunblock smell – life would’ve not fallen down more perfectly. 

As I settled down in the LX city I then found my first apartment and did all the paperwork, I started to look for a job. There were many opportunities available for Nordic language speakers. Whether you already had experience or expertise in the field or not, you could easily find your way to a new job. I worked for a marketing project in a multinational tech company for the time being in Lisbon. 

Portuguese lifestyle differs a lot from the Nordics, so it takes time to learn it. Appreciating cultural differences, growing with the experience and learning about yourself are the main takeaways for living abroad. After almost two years of living in Lisbon, I came back after the summer spent back home in Helsinki. 

I love Portuguese vibes, nature and the people. Who wouldn’t? I will keep the city in my heart as my second home forever. I fell in love, built bridges with friendships, partied until the morning (in the LUX nightclub in Lisbon), surfed, ran next to the ocean road for over 20km runs, spent one Christmas holiday season there to eat so much codfish and delicious Christmas dessert. It was all in balance from the sunshine to the cold nights of the wintertime. 

I took time to learn about new things, learn about myself and brought all that back home. There’s simply nothing better in this world than taking new experiences and sharing those with others. 

Now I work as a freelance marketer, as a digital nomad and the next phase in my career is about to start in a month. 

Looking forward to what life has installed for the times to come. Years abroad always enriches your life! 

Niina - Guest blogger

Our blogger today is a Finnish candidate Nordic Jobs Worldwide helped to find a job in Lisbon Portugal. She is a marketing professional who loves writing.

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