Norwegian speaking Content Moderator Remote from Hungary or Poland (Temporary Contract)

Posted 19 July 2023
Discipline BPO
Katinka Dokka

Job description

We are looking for a Norwegian-speaking Content Moderator in Hungary or Poland who's ready to start a new interim role as soon as possible! You would be able to work from anywhere in Hungary or Poland on a full-time or part-time basis. 

As a Content Moderator, you need to identify and rate text and as per the defined policies and guidelines. 

Desired Profile:

  • Native Norwegian-speaker, good English language level
  • Already living in Hungary and has all necessary documents to work in Hungary (TAJ Card, TAX Card and Hungarian Bank Account)
  • Basic level of computer handling skills required
  • Strong communication (both written and verbal)
  • High on learning quotient i.e. quick learner
  • Strong analytical skills for discerning different degrees of content compliance
  • Contextual knowledge and ability to adapt decision-making to different situations and settings
  • A flexible approach to the moderation process, depending on emerging formats, trends and technology
  • Should have native/near native communication skills (Written)
  • Good knowledge of internet culture
  • Good to have past experience in chat process
  • Strong organizational and multitasking skills, and a proactive approach
  • 5-day working, Rotational based shifts
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to multi-task projects and deliverables
  • Proven experience working under pressure to deliver high quality output in a short span of time
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Job responsibilities include the following:

  • Review content (Text/Image) and conduct the content quality control, ensuring the content complies with Content Moderation Guidelines (For example slurs, cuss words, adult content, and uncivil content)
  • Become and remain knowledgeable about online community standards
  • Thoroughly check content with quality and accuracy
  • Approve or disapprove new and changed submissions based on the Moderation Guidelines
  • In the context of this role, individuals will be exposed to potentially disturbing content and will need a level of resilience and maturity
  • Understanding client policies and guidelines and making decisions based on them.
  • Demonstrated creative problem-solving approach and strong analytical skills despite the ambiguity of workflows or instructions
  • Proven ability to balance multiple priorities and strong attention to detail
  • Conducting secondary web research to know what users are searching so that relevant information can be provided. 
  • To do Peer audits as a part of the process model and also to assist in training as per need
  • All KPI related tasks must be followed & adhered to avoid business impact

Please note the following: 

The process entails the raters for monitoring content. If it doesn’t satisfy the guidelines, the content gets flagged and removed. The reasons can be different, including. - misinformation, - violence, - offensiveness, - Extremism, - Sexual - hate speech etc - The Moderator’s duty will be mainly to rate/review every piece of content shared by the client - With its help, we can ensure the platform serves the purpose that you’ve designed it for, rather than giving space for spam, violence, and explicit content.

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