NJW SKI TEAM – How is our Visma Ski Classics team doing?

As you probably have heard, we started a brand new ski team a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to give you some insights from the team and how they are preparing themselves for the season that is starting in a few months.

The last weeks we have announced all the new team members that are going to compete this year in the Visma ski classics. The team consist of four guys and two girls. You have Mart Kevin Põlluste which is the first athlete and also the director. Then you have the three other guys, Henri Roos, Jürgen Kukk and Risto Vaher. The girls consist of Piret Pärnik and Merilin Jürisaar.


When it comes to training. They have a training camp planned for the beginning of October and they will have a camp at the end of October also, in Estonia. They were planning to go abroad, but due to the current COVID situation, they have to stay home and protect themselves and people around them.

The focus will be for the younger athletes, to build up strength over these two-three months and have huge focus on technique work and double poling capacity. They are not aiming their shape for the first races of the season, because the main races start in January. The first races in Livingo will be a good showpoint, where they are and what they need to work on before the main races comes after the new year.

We are all looking forward to follow the team going forward and when the season starts 27th of November in Livigno, Italy.

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Mads Nybakk - Video Content Creator and International Recruiter


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