New year, New you?

As we are getting closer to the end of 2018, we are left looking back at the year that has been. A year that has been filled with ups and downs and highs and lows, for all of us. We are often told that in order for us humans to feel happy and complete we need to do more of the things that makes us happy and less of the things that does not. Sounds simple enough ey? I am here to tell you that it is not as simple as that. We as human beings are creatures of habits, which make it extremely difficult from one day to another to wake up in the same bed, in the same old town and then just decide that this day is the day of a “new me”. It is not even about having a lousy willpower; because all the hundreds of habits we have are so embedded within us that they are almost automatic, which makes it mostly out of our control. Studies show that habits are highly reliant on environmental triggers, which in other words mean that if you want to change your habits – you have to change your environment.


Do you want to eat healthier? Maybe go hiking more often? Or do you rather see yourself meeting up with friends at the local pub or at the beach around a bonfire every day after work? And all this while building a strong resume that will lead to bigger and brighter opportunities in the future. No matter what your dreams and goals are for the upcoming year, the best chance of reaching those goals is to start all over. A change of scenery always results in a change in behaviour and nothing helps you change your habits more than a new set of challenges. Reach your New Years goals by relocating and I can assure you that in the end of 2019 you will look back at a year filled with more ‘highs’ than ever.


Oliver Huttel - International Recruiter
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