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New Offices in Europe, we´re Hiring 10 new colleagues in Malaga, Tallinn and Oslo – Apply now!

Many companies all around the world have been struggling and are still facing challenges due to Covid-19. The same applies to us. We have had to make some hard decisions during the spring when our revenue dropped over 90% from March to April. The whole uncertainty was frustrating, and it was hard as a business owner and leader to know exactly what the next step should be. We had to focus on new updates every second week and follow the situation all over Europe closely to slowly start to get back to business. We decided to cut down our delivery for certain languages and push for the ones we were successful with in the past.

After a rocky month of April, May started to look promising again despite candidates not being able to travel to their new work destinations. Thanks to the flexibility of our hiring partners, many candidates were able to onboard remotely or able to work from the comfort of their homes entirely. This enabled our business to slowly generate more revenue.

The month of June showed further improvements but was still not up to our usual standard. Borders started to open again, and clients started to hire new colleagues. Many open positions all over Europe were now ready to be filled. The forecast for July was building up more and more and we had the chance to start working full-time again with the opening of the European borders on the 1st of July.

Despite Covid-19 smashing in our business for 2-3 months in Q2, the total growth of the first 6 months was 7,5%!!! An amazing growth in quarter 1 with 48% compared to last year helped us to achieve those amazing results. We also onboarded 10 new clients in this period.

The forecast for July is looking good with another 40% revenue growth compared with the same period last year, and so we now have some amazing news to share!

We are establishing 2 new offices in Spain and Estonia! Two countries that are close to our clients and two amazing places to expand our business in.

In addition, we are hiring 10 new colleagues in Malaga, Tallinn and Oslo! One step back and two steps forward is always my ambition. Check out all the open positions here.

A wise person once said “Bad companies are destroyed by crises; good companies survive them: great companies are improved by them”

Our company wants to improve and develop even more the next coming months. We are happy but not satisfied. We have been through the worst period and see businesses and people alike struggling, so our ambition now will be to help people all over Europe to get a new job!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all colleagues, customers and candidates for the period we have been through! Looking forward to what the future has to offer.
Rickard Fritjofsson - CEO and founder
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