New colleague – 30/09/2020

Last but not the least by any means, is our final new colleague to introduce this time around, Edvin Priimak. Edvin joined our Estonia-team just about 3 weeks ago and will work as an International Recruiter using his fluent language skills in Estonian, Russian and English. Let’s get to know Edvin, read further to find out a bit more about him!

Edvin comes from Tallinn, Estonia, from a small family. He is an only child, raised by his mother and grandparents. However, he does have a turtle that, according Edvin’s words, will probably outlive him. 😀 As a kid, Edvin loved solving mathematical assignments and go out to play football as well as always being passionate about psychology and about the way our human mind reacts to different emotions.

Edvin says that he is probably the biggest introvert you will ever meet but that he has a warm heart and he cares about people very much. Communication and mutual understanding between people is important to him.

I always treat people with respect and I don’t make assumptions based on what I hear. My philosophy is that if the person is nice to me, I will always be nice to him. It is easy to judge, but it is way more difficult to understand

Previously Edvin worked in one of the biggest temporary staffing companies in the Baltic States. He was the recruitment and new business development manager during that time before joining our team in Tallinn. Before that he worked in customer service and the gaming industry. Started at Microsoft Estonia back when he was 16! Edvin says that at one point he had two amazing job offers, one in HR and one in iGaming, on the line and he decided to choose people and opportunities over the financial side and he has not been disappointed. He loves working with companies, opportunities and to change someone’s life for the better. In HR and recruitment, one gets to experience so many emotions in one day and when you learn how to work with the most difficult resource out there – people, you grow as an individual.

When asked about how he came to apply for the International recruiter position at our establishment, he says:

After achieving what I could in my previous company, I realized that it was time to look for new challenges. The people I met at Nordic Jobs Worldwide made me look no further and I could not be happier over the decision. When you feel it’s the right place for you, grab it.

This is of course very nice to hear from a new colleague. It is important that both the new colleague and the team feel good about the future co-operation from the very beginning, and we love hearing that our team members have made a good impression. But why wouldn’t they? They are a great group!

When Edvin is not working with recruitment, he spends his time with the people close to him. He can have dinner, travel or just go out for a walk or the movies with someone and sometimes read autobiographies. The thing he enjoys most is going out and driving to places he hasn’t seen before. As he says it, it is important to do those trips as we spend so much time sitting at the computer that we miss the beauty that is there to be seen. Simple things and, as mentioned before, connecting with people, are the things he likes. Edvin hasn’t lived abroad 100% but he has had a year when he lived half of his time in Stockholm and half in Estonia. However, he has travelled quite a lot around Europe and further. His favorite locations have been Sweden, Ukraine and Greece. All of them for different reasons. Sweden for its amazing culture and society, Ukraine for its wonderful people and Greece for hospitality and excellent architecture.

This time I left the special trait/ habit that Edvin has here to the end of this introduction, just for the fun of it. You maybe remember some of our fun facts from previous introductions; some of our colleagues are great at picking perfect avocados, some love doing a holy laundry ritual every Sunday, some are afraid of germs or spiders and so on. Everyone has something quirky about them. What is it with Edvin then that makes him a bit special? Well, he says he like eating french fries with ice cream! That is a new one, which I personally have never heard about before. However, maybe I will take up on a challenge and follow Edvin’s footsteps and try this combo in the future, who knows? 😀

Ok, now we have come to the end of this time’s introduction round. Has it been fun for you guys? For me it has been a super fun thing to interview the newbies and get to know them better. We are very happy to have all of these new, nice faces around in our international teams. But today we are going to say, welcome to Edvin!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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