New colleague – 25/09/2020

Today we will continue with our good flow with new colleague introductions. This time we will stay in Tallinn, Estonia and talk more about Pille-Riin Jakobson. Let’s dive in!

Pille-Riin is a native Estonian speaker with fluent English skills and she will work towards the international job market and several multilingual positions and candidates from our Tallinn office. She comes from the countryside in the middle of Estonia and has lived most of her life in those surroundings. Her family consists of 5 people and she has two older brothers. Pille-Riin says that she was, on one hand, a typical girl as a child. She loved playing with barbies and setting up her own café with imaginary food from the streets or the forest. On the other hand, she liked playing with her brothers legos and cars.

As a person, Pille-Riin describes herself as an energetic and positive being who always has a smile on her face. She describes that she is the person who does everything with passion and is hungry to learn new things.

And as a true Aries I’m brave, always willing to go out of my comfort zone, motivated and confident.

Pille-Riin has studied secretary and accountancy at the Tallinn school of Economics and worked in the administrative field, as an assistant and an office manager, before joining NJW. She also did farm work for 2 years. She found our job ad, sent her application directly to our office manager in Tallinn, Adam, and quickly got a job offer. When things click with both parties, there is no sense in waiting for too long. Pille-Riin loves interacting with people from all over the world and she sees recruitment as a great way to be able to do that.

In her spare time Pille-Riin goes to the gym. She is quite an active person and tries working out at least 4 times a week. In addition to her sporty habits, she loves baking and looking for different recipes online. She also enjoys discovering new places to eat at or simply to go for coffee and cake at a nice coffee shop. Her life also includes a lot of family time, she likes spending time with her parents and brothers, whom she sees almost every weekend. One of her special habits in life is the fact that she likes turning wifi and all data off before she goes to bed, and to close off all open tabs, to start fresh the next morning.

5 years ago Pille-Riin started travelling. It was actually her first time abroad then but since then she has travelled a lot. Her favorite location in the world is Australia, like it is for so many others, since there is so much to see and explore, the people are very friendly and helpful, and the weather is good in most parts all year long! What’s not to love about all of that! Australia has a special place in Pille-Riin’s heart for a reason, because she actually lived there for 2,5 years and absolutely loved it!

First of all I got to practice my English a lot. I learned about different cultures while living with so many people from all over the world, learned about myself that I can do a lot more than my mind thinks. And it was in every sense an eye-opening experience that helped me to grow as a person a lot.

That is what we like to hear. It truly is an eye-opening experience to live in a foreign country even for a short while.

It is nice to have another positive and smiling colleague join our team in Tallinn. We hope to see Pille-Riin shine in her role and enjoy her work in the newly founded Estonia-team. Welcome Pille-Riin!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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