New colleague – 23/09/2020

Hello again folks! Today we are back to Estonia and the second team member introduction from our Tallinn office. This time we are going to introduce you to our Swedish speaking Finn, Inka Saavalainen. If you didn’t know, both Finnish and Swedish are national languages in Finland and some people speak Swedish as their first language. Inka, for example, is native in both Finnish and Swedish which makes her a great asset at a Nordic recruitment company. But without too much extra babble, let’s go into more detail with Inka!

Inka was born and raised in Espoo, Finland, being the older sister in a family of four, accompanied by some extended family. Ever since she was little, Inka has been into sports and still is to this day. She used to play basketball when she was younger. Horses and horseback riding were also a huge part of her life, and she used to spend a lot of time at the stables. Nowadays you can find Inka at a crossfit gym or hanging out with friends.

Inka is an outgoing and social person who loves a challenge. She is determined and persisent and will always do her best. She is a loyal friend and co-worker you can count on. If anyone ever needs her help, she will try her best to help out. As for her special traits, she says:

I have an impeccable eye for choosing the perfect avocados at the supermarket

I think I might take Inka up on her tendency to help others and ask her how she does it. Finding the perfect avocado is what we all want to learn to do, isn’t it? 😉

Currently, Inka is still studying, doing her 3rd year of her bachelor studies at the Estonian Business school majoring in marketing and communications. She still has 1,5 years left until she graduates. Previously she has mainly worked within customer service but also has experience from recruitment before joining NJW.

I find recruitment interesting because all days are different, you never know what kind of turns your day might take. I like an environment that is changing so that you must keep adapting.

Even though Inka has been studying at the Estonian Business school for the last 2 years, she hasn’t been living in Tallinn permanently until august 2020. However, her boyfriend has lived in the city for the past 3 years and she has considered it her second home. She says she loves Tallinn! Even though the move to Estonia is her first time moving to and living in an abroad location, Inka has travelled instead. She has done some travelling mainly in Europe and the U.S. Her family has some work history in Russia so when she was younger, she was often visiting her father in St. Petersburg. She has also spent some time in the city by herself on language courses. So, in addition to her fluent skills in Finnish, Swedish and English, Inka has good skills in Russian too! She says her Russian language skills are still under development but hopes to one day reach a fluent level. Her favorite places on earth are Moscow and St. Petersburg, both offering something different for their visitors. Moscow has more of a metropolis-vide and St. Petersburg is more of a historical place with beautiful architecture in the city center. She tries visiting both cities whenever she has the chance since some of her extended family still lives in Moscow.

This was again interesting to learn about a new colleague. There is so much to learn when you have a new person joining the team. Inka will do a wonderful job, we are sure of it. She is adapting to the team in Tallinn and working together with the Finnish team working in Norway and Finland. It will be fun to see what kind of magic she can do with her great language skills. 🙂 Welcome to the team Inka!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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