New colleague – 21/09/2020

Hello folks! Another day, another new colleague. Today we are going to talk about our second new addition to the Malaga team, our bilingual Giovanna Arecchi who will help our candidates using her fluent Spanish and English skills. This time we will just jump into this, you already know the drill!


Giovanna comes from a diverse family background in the sense that her father comes from New York and her mother from Scotland. Her parents, however, met in Spain, in Sevilla to be more exact and ended up moving to Texas together. After some years, they packed up the family and moved to Competa, a beautiful little village in the south of Spain, when Giovanna was a teenager.

So Spain is really where I feel at home

Giovanna is the youngest of four siblings and the only one who ended up living outside of the U.S. As a child, she loved forming girl-groups with her friends, making up dance routinges to their favorite songs, putting on performances for their parents and neighbors. She even joined a belly dancing troupe and travelled around Texas to perform! And Giovanna’s travelling around didn’t stop there either. After high school, she started studying global studies at LIU Global which is an experiential learning-based study abroad program.

The program moved us to a different country every few months to introduce us to the local culture, political climate, art, etc., and in the end I was fortunate enough to live and study in ten countries during my undergraduate career

Giovanna graduated LIU Global with a Bachelor’s degree but is now pursuing a Master’s in Bilingualism and Multilingualism online from the University of Wales Trinity St. David.

In her past, Giovanna has always worked in education for young adults, specializing in experiential, intercultural, and international education programs. She served as the Teen Program Manager for the Light and Leadership Initiative in Huaycan, Peru, before joining her alma mater as the International Program Administration for their Europe Program. She loved helping young students learn avout the world and set themselves up for happy and successful futures.

In her spare time Giovanna practices yoga, explores little villages around Spain, experiments with vegetarian recipes and enjoys the mountain air as well as Spain’s beautiful beaches. Currently, she has gotten herself a new hobby, sewing. As a person she says she is laid back and positive, and someone who loves the opportunity to explore new places but at the same time loves sitting in the sun with good friends for hours on end. Moving to Malaga is an exciting opportunity for Giovanna to experience the big city life after living an hour away from Malaga, in a cobble-stone street village in the mountains. She plans to take advantage of Malaga’s extensive restaurants and museums, and of course the fact that she lives within walking distance from the beach, which is a dream come true for her.

When asked about her experiences with living abroad, Giovanna says, she has been living abroad for the past ten years. She says she has learned that there are endless different experiences one can experience in the world. In the U.S., she feels like, they don’t learn enough about other cultures and countries in school, so it has been very eye opening for her to encounter them first hand during her travels. And she has traveled, extensively, as we came to learn earlier. Her favorite location of all is Bosnia and Herzegovina. She fell in love with the food but also the nature blew her away!

On how she ended up at Nordic Jobs Worldwide she says she was looking for a new career opportunity during the pandemic and was intrigued by the thought of working for a recruiting company that specializes in language skills.

I have been given so many opportunities to work and live abroad, and I´m looking forward to giving back and helping others have similar experiences

It is wonderful to see how many of our recruiters have the same mindset towards working abroad. Many of us have lived abroad ourselves or are doing it as we work for the company, and it has given us so much that we want to spread it and help other people experience the same thing! It will be nice to see how Giovanna will use her previous experiences with different cultures in her future work. We are super happy to have her in our team and we wish her all the best in her role. Welcome Giovanna!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager


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