NEW COLLEAGUE – 20.01.2021


Meet Ida Hardarsson! She is our newest employee working out of the Malaga office.

Ida will be apart of our Swedish team and specialize on Swedish candidates and jobs.

Ida is from a small town called Häsleholm in southern Sweden but is now living in Malaga with her boyfriend. When Ida was little, she liked to dance, sing and dreamed of being a musical artist.

Ida has also studied a lot, she startet with sport- and performance psychology at Lunds university back in Sweden. Then she decided to study Human resources and moved to Jönköping. She also did an exchange in Monterrey, Mexico.

Mexico is also ida’s favourite destination. She liked it because Mexico has a lot of beautiful historical places, white beaches, and amazing tacos. And the people are so welcoming, warm and friendly, and there are always things to celebrate.

Before this job Ida have worked in sales, administration, and recruitment. She worked with coordination and sales at Skanska, then during her HR-studies she worked at IKEA as a sales co-worker in the bathroom section. And when she finished her bachelor, she started working with in-house recruitment in the public sector in Scania, mostly towards the healthcare department but also within IT. Before she ended up in Nordic Jobs Worldwide.

One special thing about Ida is that she doesn’t like sweet things like candy, chocolate and pastries. Which is quite odd since Sweden is known for its Fika, where everyone takes a break, sits down for coffee/tea and a piece of pastry.

Welcome to the team Ida!


Mads Nybakk - Content creator and International recruiter
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