New colleague – 18/09/2020

It is time for another new colleague introduction. However, this time we will travel up north to Estonia and the beautiful city of Tallinn. As most of you probably already know, we set up new offices in both Estonia and Spain to be closer to our clients, and that of course meant hiring new colleagues. Today, we will learn more about our Team Nordic Jobs Worldwide ski team captain and International recruiter, Mart Kevin Põlluste. You can read more about the ski team and Mart as a skier from our previous post here. But now on to today’s introduction.


Mart is a native Estonian who also speaks fluent English. He is from Tartu, the south-eastern part of Estonia, where he still lives commuting back and forth between his home there and Tallinn, where our offices are located. He works part of the time from home to save himself from using too much time on travelling across the country.

Mart Kevin has two younger siblings, a little brother and sister, himself being the first born of the family. When he was a child he loved doing sports, especially football and cross-country skiing, and was called the Michelin man for his love for food. He says he loved eating as much as he could. I guess, being super active with doing different types of sports had something to do with that. 😉

As for his personality traits, Mart Kevin says he fits well into the classic Estonian profile, being a bit more quiet, not the most talkative person in the world, as he put it. However, he is a loyal friend and colleague always interested in chatting about common interests with everyone he meets. That is also something he enjoys doing in his free time, meet up with friends and hanging out with his girlfriend, just relaxing and thinking about something else than work or training. One weird thing he managed to mention about himself (because we always ask, just for the fun of it :D), was that he has a fear of germs and therefore hates sharing food or tableware – it makes him sick to his stomach!

As you know, Mart Kevin is a cross-country skier that will lead our team through the season at Visma Ski Classics. That means he is training a lot. Most of his spare time is actually used for various types of training for the upcoming season. Skiing is strongly related to his travelling as well as he travels mostly to participate in ski competitions, and his favorite location in the world is Switzerland. Not only for the amazing mountains but also the fact that they have amazing skiing conditions and facilities. The funny part about all of this is that when Mart lived abroad, he lived in Australia for 2,5 months. Can you guess what he was doing there? Well worked as a ski instructor, of course!

I was teaching skiing at a local mountain resort. Yes, in Australia! I think I became more outgoing and open thanks to this experience.

In addition to skiing, Mart Kevin has had time to graduate Tartu University with a Master’s degree in Innovation of Technology and work in Eesti Energia – the biggest company in Estonia. Prior to that job he was working as a business analyst in a small consultancy company in Tartu. His story about how he ended up at Nordic Jobs Worldwide, is a bit different to most of our other colleagues as he was actually directly approached by our CEO who wanted to know if he’d be interested in a collaboration that includes both skiing and a part-time job.

In the beginning Mart Kevin’s time has been used to build a strong ski team, learn the ropes of the recruitment job, sharing the ski team’s journey online on social media platforms and so on. It is quite impressive actually how he has managed all of this. We are excited to see him recruit and especially ski in the winter. Go Team Nordic Jobs Worldwide! And welcome to the team Mart Kevin!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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