New colleague 16/09/2020

Hello everyone! You have seen us updating many times about our newest offices in Malaga and Tallinn. This also means that we have hired new colleagues to fill those office spaces and build up new teams. It is now time to introduce all of our new colleagues in more detail here on the blog. Today we will start with Anne Kamstrup, who is one of our colleagues joining our Danish team and working from Malaga.

Let’s dive in!

Anne comes from the beautiful but windy West coast of Denmark from a family of 4 siblings which of she is the oldest. 2 of her siblings are half Chinese, so they have a big and diverse family. As a child Anne was a creative personality who loved drawing. Her personality, according to her own words, is a bit quiet and shy at first but very bubbly and goofy once she warms up. Additionally, she mentions that she never swears when speaking Danish. So you get a very warm and nice impression of her when you speak to her. However, when you get to know her, you will find out so many more layers. She also says she is the clumsiest person on this planet, so much that she feels it needs to be highlighted as a part of her personality! Well don’t worry Anne, we got your back. 😉

Anne speaks fluent Danish and English, and has a Master’s degree in Business, Language and Culture, majoring in HR and recruitment from Odense, Denmark. During her studies, she ended up doing an internship, to complement her degree, in Australia. She lived in the Gold coast for a year. In addition to living in Australia, she has lived in Beijing, China, for 2 years. Moving to Malaga to work for Nordic Jobs Worldwide is her third time living abroad. She applied for the position of an International Recruiter, took part in some interviews and a few weeks after applying, got offered the position.

As I progressed in the recruitment process, I started realizing it might really be happening – and a few weeks after applying I sold my belongings, packed my suitcase and moved to Spain! It wasn’t as scary as it sounds and definitely something I think everyone should try at least once in their life.

Not only has Anne lived abroad a couple of times, she has been travelling a lot both with her family and on her own. She has been to Asia, Australia, many parts of Europe but has yet to visit the Americas. Her favorite location in the world is Australia. When she is not travelling, you can find her at the gym – or on her couch binge-watching Netflix shows.

As mentioned above, Anne has studied HR and recruitment as well as different cultures and languages. Her work experience lies though in sales and administration. However, she fell in love with recruitment and after graduating with a degree from the field, she applied for a job at NJW and as you know, the rest is history. Next, we will support her with her first weeks and months to get started with the job, and then we will sit back and see her fly! We can already see her thriving in the job, so there are only great things we can expect from her for sure.

Welcome to the team Anne!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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