New colleague – 05/10/2020

Happy start of the week to all of you! Today it is time to introduce another new colleague. I know, it is quite many. We have had the pleasure to hire many new faces to fill our teams in both of our new locations as well as grow the teams in Oslo. This is the thing about NJW and the recruitment business, it requires constant change and as some of you might know, according to one of our core values, we are always adapting. These are exciting times we are living, I have to say. So, today we will gladly help you get to know our newest Talent Hunter, Viktor Nunes Sörenson.

Viktor comes from Sweden and refers himself as Swezilian. What this means is that his mother is Swedish and his father is Brazilian. This is also the grounds for why Viktor speaks fluent Swedish and Portuguese as well as Spanish. He has one older brother who lives in Stockholm and works in banking. However, what is interesting about him is that he makes movies as a hobby and puts Viktor in front of the camera, when he does.

As a person, Viktor describes himself as an energetic one with a curious and positive mind. His curious mind has led him to many adventures in life. He has studied Economics at BI Business school and worked for Unicef as a street ambassador and building their door-2-door activities. Furthermore, Viktor has been running a mentor program recruiting youth with potential although being subsidized by the state, guiding them into becoming independent and active citizens. His weird/interesting trait, according to himself, is the fact that he sometimes has difficulties remembering the order of the months in a year.

In his life, Viktor has lived abroad a bunch of times. He is a true citizen of the world, combining his family backgrounds from both Europe and South America he has lived in Mozambique, Namibia, USA and additionally he has spent several longer periods in Brazil. His favorite location in the world is Rio de Janeiro. Moreover Viktor has been travelling.

Most recently have I been exploring the Balkan countries and East Europe and found that area fun and interesting

Currently Viktor lives in Oslo and works at our office here. He wanted to pursue a career in recruiting as it is a perfect way to combine an international platform and make use of his vast language and continental skills. Working from the Oslo office he finds perfect for him as well. He likes the fact that he can maintain his business as usual life here in Olso and work standard working hours. After the office hours, he spends his time following the stock market together with some friends. They are trying to find some fun opportunities they can bet on. Maybe we have a future big-time investor amongst us now, let’s see. Anyways, we are glad to have Viktor in our team of champions, our Worldwiders, and we would like to express a very warm welcome to him. Welcome to the team Viktor!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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