New colleague – 02/10/2020

It is another Friday today, how do the weeks go by so fast? I guess time flies when you are having fun, as they say. Today, we will dive into the background of one of our new colleagues again. This time you will get to know Eirik Eisenträger, our new International Recruiter with a focus on the iGaming business. Eirik will work closely together with our Client Relationship Manager Charlotte Kamlin and they will provide our client an even better service than before. So, let’s see what Eirik had to tell us.

Eirik comes from Langhus in Norway. He comes from a very typical Norwegian family of four. So his family consists of his parents and one older brother. As a child Eirik laid the foundation for his love for sports playing football and volleyball, becoming the “sports-idiot” (as they call a person with extreme interest in sports here in Norway) he is today, following different sports actively. In addition to being active with sports, Eirik loved playing video games, starting with Super Mario World. To this day, his interest in playing video games and watching sports continues. Usually in his spare time he plays PlayStation, watches movies or tv, hangs out with friends and of course, watches a lot of sports on tv.

As a person, Eirik is a very spontaneous and flexible guy who likes to experience new things, such as new food and new destinations. Being an extroverted introvert, he enjoys meeting new people, but can take some time to really get to know someone. He speaks fluent Norwegian and English but also gets by in Swedish and Danish. In his past he has been working in the iGaming industry for the last four years.

I started out working as a customer support agent and made my way via VIP customer support to Key Account Manager for high-value clients

An impressive learning curve, I have to say. We are glad to have a hard worker like him in our team. Waiting to see what he can do!

Before embarking on his adventures in Malta, Eirik studied Economics & Administration at the University of Life Sciences in Ås and IT & information systems at the University in Agder. Additionally, he has been travelling quite a lot and has been in about 30 countries on all continents except Africa.

Favorite location is difficult as there are so many great locations, f.ex. Las Vegas, Old Trafford, Sri Lanka etc, but if I have to choose just one, I would have to say Sydney, Australia. Awesome city, great vibe and of course the best beach in the world in Bondi.

After living in, and enjoying, Malta for four years from 2016 to 2020 Eirik decided to move back home, and what better way to spend my days than use his industry knowledge to help others get started on a career in the iGaming industry.

Moving to a new country is a fantastic experience I would recommend everyone. You will learn a lot about new cultures and about yourself

Furthermore Eirik says his biggest takeaway from working in the iGaming industry was realizing how big of a difference there is between people from different countries. Something that is normal for an Italian or Spanish person will definitely get an eyebrow-raise from a Scandinavian person.

So why did Eirik end up at Nordic Jobs Worldwide then? He tells me he left his job in Malta just before the pandemic hit and came back to Norway. He says it has been extremely difficult to get a job here and he was actually thinking about going back to Malta. That is how he ended up on NJW page. He was searching for iGaming positions in Malta and spotted our internal position for an iGaming recruiter. After that everything just fell into place and he knew that this was the perfect opportunity for him. All of that is of course nice for us to hear, and we are hoping to have a long and prosperous co-operation with Eirik in the future too. Welcome to the team Eirik!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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