Mid-week update from Tallinn, Estonia!

Three months have passed since we officially launched our new office here in Tallinn, Estonia!  I guess time flies while you’re having fun. The week have been busy as usual with recruitment for various roles around Europe, Development of the office and Planning for the future. We have some exciting ideas and things planned for 2021, more info will come!

We have also been working a lot with a few new positions here in Tallinn. So, if you speak any of the Nordic languages and you are already living in here, we have an exciting new opportunity for you. Feel free to reach out to us and we will give you some more details about the roles.


As i mentioned, we have been quite busy here. Edvin needed to cool off a bit, so he started working from the terrace. Yeah, its December and 2 degrees outside…


Some cool updates from our very own Ski Team! They are currently in Switzerland preparing for the Visma Ski Classics season start in 2021.  You can follow their Journey and watch their vlogs on their very own YouTube channel: Team Nordic Jobs Worldwide – Youtube. 

I also wanted to highlight that Team NJW will definitely be the best looking team. I mean look at them! Great work with the team photo and the design of the ski suites. We are all very proud!

We have so far this year helped over 600 people get a new job and a fresh start in life. There is still time for you to make a change and kick start 2021 with a new adventure. We are here to help.

Adam Frykman - Office Manager/International recruiter at NJW
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