Looking for an amazing adventure, get international experience and build your career fast? iGaming industry it is!

Happy Friday everyone! I thought it could be a nice thing to introduce everyone to my second home – the pearl in the Mediterranean: the beautiful island of Malta!

Here you have up to 320 days of sunshine, crystal blue water, amazing history and interesting culture, aaaand … the very exciting iGaming industry! Malta has become the iGaming hub of Europe, providing thousands of people with job opportunities you perhaps wouldn’t get a chance to get up here in the Nordics. 

The sport and betting industry invites you to new and modern offices, after work on a sunny roof terrace, BBQ parties on the beach AND a huge opportunity to secure yourself a strong career!

Usually they wish for everyone who starts their new career in the industry to start working with Customer Support. These teams are doing the foundation of the companies and are very important! You don’t need to have previous experience from before – because you will get full training which is paid too!

The important thing to think about when applying to Malta positions is the following:

  • Be motivated! Explain WHY you wish to go to specifically Malta and why you think you can be a good candidate for this role!
  • You have big competition from many applicants. Be serious about why they should choose just you! iGaming clients are usually looking for 1-3 agents and not 10. Why should they choose you from 100 other applicants? “ I wanna go to the sun “ is not a good enough argument for these roles 😉
  • Do some research about the company. We at Nordic Jobs Worldwide will always help you of course during the process, but it is always good to show that you know some details about the company you are applying to. It will definitely give you some extra points 😉
  • You will have to be flexible, open minded and ready to work shifts! If you are thinking about working 9-5 and never work weekends, the iGaming industry is not for you.
    Have you heard of a poker player picking up the phone at lunch time? Nope, you will need to be there for them during evenings and nights too 😊 Also remember that one important subject in this industry is Responsible Gaming which you can read more about behind the link in this blogpost.
  • You are the main contact for all the players and are doing a very important job! You will mostly work over Live-Chats so it is of course an advantage that you can work fast and be flexible with several chats open. Also email and phone – support is a standard.

Ok? Now you know a little bit of what is being expected from you. What do they offer you then?
Well – except all the brilliant things I mentioned above – most of our clients also give you this!

  • iGaming companies offer generous Relocation packages!
    • Paid flight + company apartment / hotel (some are being paid up front, some candidates have to pay to guarantee they show up)
  • Bonuses, free breakfasts, Friday beers, traveling, cool offices, BBQ parties on the beach etc – iGaming industry is a fun and easy going environment!
  • A lot of young and Scandinavian people are living in Malta – great network for you who travels from these countries.
  • Good possibilities to climb in your career – build up a strong CV. Many of our candidates started in CS and are now Marketing Managers or Team Leaders.
  • Over 320 days of sunshine
  • Everybody speaks English!
  • Insane and super modern offices on all clients (many with the beach outside or huge roof terraces)

Not bad, huh? We at Nordic Jobs Worldwide are working with over 28 iGaming clients in locations such as Malta, Cyprus, Gibraltar, London and Tallinn 😊

Please get in touch with us to find out more about our open positions!

You can also reach out directly to me for details about the industry, since I have been living there for myself in many years!

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Charlotte Kamlin - Client Relationship Manager
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